Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Penny for your thoughts...

I went to the post office during my lunch hour to mail a package to one of my Army guys. Walking back across the parking lot, I saw a penny - face up. In my mind I heard the rhyme, "See a penny, pick it up. All the day, have good luck." I don't know what madness possesses parents to teach their children little ditties.

Keep in mind that I'm in Arizona. Today the temp was 92F (33.3 C) and who knows how much hotter on the asphalt. So you can imagine that the penny was very warm to the touch. In my 'always serious' mind I started thinking about putting that penny in my coin purse, and into my purse.

What if it was so hot that my coin purse began to smolder? What if in turn my purse turned into a slow burning fire? I can't just throw it out the window as I'm driving down the "Loop" -- can I? My favorite lipstick is in that bag, not to mention I really like the bag itself.

So, what if I'm driving down the road with smoke coming out of my car cockpit? What if the fire department is called? They charge now for unnecessary call-outs. Of course, the paramedics would have to come too, after my car was thoughly foamed.

Add a couple hundred dollars worth of bandages to my burnt fingers -- from picking up the hot penny in the first place. Even without adding the damage to the car seat, and the rest of the car interior from the foam, I'm thinking I'm pushing rapidly toward that penny costing me $1,000.

After all of that, there is no way I'm going back to the office with an mile of bandages wrapped around my hand making it the size of Texas (we say that state side when something is very big).

One thing is, I must get back to writing. This pent up creativity is mutating into very strange thoughts.


  1. A couple years ago, I was working on the ramp (taxiway/aircraft parking) at Sky Harbor, and the temperature was somewhere around 118 degrees, Fahrenheit. However, if you can believe it, the temperature of the ground I was standing on was 250 or so. But, it was a Dry Heat.

  2. Hello Kevin, yeah - a dry heat! Goodness, is it that time of year already?

  3. I dread any type of heat - dry or humid. It's always suffocating no matter what.

  4. Gosh, I had you surrounded by hunky firefighters, what luck a penny brings! ;0 LOL. I think you have the makings of a novel just by looking at a hot penny, Nadine. Hot Penny sounds a bit erotic though. *grin*

  5. I picked up a penny this week too. I say to myself, 'see a penny, pick it up, all the day you'll have... a penny'.

    Yes! Get writing!


  6. Loree, the good thing about AZ is if you're warm, playing in the swimming pool helps. I just keep reminding myself that I don't have to shovel the heat. I rather not be freezing cold.

  7. Hunky firefighters - I hadn't thought of that. I really do need to get back to writing. Boy life can get in the way sometimes.

  8. Cx, sometimes I say that too... guess the heat was affecting my brain at the time.

  9. BTW, after two months without one, I've posted a newsletter on my website. Go look!

  10. Hi!
    We have the same 'superstition' in this part of the world, too. And Believe me, when we say Indian Summer, we are not talking exotica. Or erotica.
    We are talking of hot hot days and if Gods decide to be merciful, we will have a light shower. Sometimes, it just sizzles and evaporates on contact with the hot land beneath. But it does cool down the land a bit. So I would say- Go ahead, pick up your penny and have good luck. May be the beginning of a great story... as someone else said earlier.
    BTW, How do I buy your Blog Party in print from India? It only asks for US or Canadian address?

  11. Hello Nidhi! I wonder how that superstition became so wide spread. Must have come from the UK.

    On the weather - it is settled that we visit each other during winter months!

    On ordering the book, it gives you India as a choice of country. We changed the ordering system on the website and I didn't realize that the blog had a different system. I'll tell Joyce. For now, use my website.