Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mea Culpa

I have theories, but no real explanation how this happened. It just did.

There is a third winner to the short story contest. Somehow the story didn't get posted for the judges to read. I have poled a few and this story should also be recognized as a winner.

All I can do is sincerely apologize and say that we have three winners! Yes, how's that for a cool contest? No entry fee and three winners!

So... here ya go! The envelope please. (Do a drum roll, if you are so inspired to such things.)

Our third winner, or second winner in the published writer category, goes to BOSTWICK BLUES by Don Blinebry! Yeah Don. You are in good company with Jo Smith and Peggy Nolan.

So how about it you three, may I post your winning entries on my blog? Please answer in the comment section or send me an email.

BTW, I'm very honored that everyone took the time to enter my first ever writing contest with the total prize money now adding to $150 USD.

I will get the comments put together for all of the writers and the judges to see. If the judges spotted something you need to work on, you're miles ahead in knowing than you were a few weeks ago - and these judges are a tough audience. If I'd judged, everyone would have won because there is something special about each story submitted, and I'd be broke - so it is better this way.


  1. Congratulations to Don. As a judge in the contest, it's great to see his excellent story receiving the recognition it deserves.

  2. Wow. I'm speechless. A pathetic statement for an Irishman on St. Patrick's day, but true nonetheless.

    Yes, Nadine, you can post the story and thanks for a great contest. And thank you to Nick and the rest of the judges for giving up your time to make this successful. I', outta words.

    Don -

  3. Congratulations Don! What a lovely St.Patrick's Day surprise for you.

    Nadine you have done a grand job with the contest. I hope we do get to read the winning stories. :)

  4. Thank you Nick, Don, and Glynis. I'm totally brain fogged from work and it is nice to come home and see comments.

    I have Jo's permission to post her story: From her email.

    Hi Nadine,

    Just wanted to say thanks for running a very good competition. Your guidelines were clear and you do a good line in encouragement. I've learnt a lot from reading your blog. I'd love to see what the judges had to say and see what I could have improved. Of course you can post my story - I'm looking forward to reading the others.

    Thanks again,

    Jo Smith

  5. Ditto Jo and Don! You can post mine as well as the judges comments...

    Anything I can do to improve will go a long way with me!

    Bravo and well don Don!!

  6. Grand! Friday's post I'll begin introducing the judges. Monday I'll post Jo's entry. I can already tell you I'm having issues with getting indents on the post. Just realize the entries were formatted properly regardless how they look when I post them.

    In my book, all the participants are winners because they stepped up to the plate (baseball talk) and put the writing on the line to be judged. What faith! What courage!