Friday, March 19, 2010

Here Comes the JUDGES!

First off, I alphabetized the judges' list. I'll introduce the eight judges in several posts. Between each post, I'll post the winning stories - both should keep you coming back!

After the bios the judges sent me, I'll do my comment thing like I did during the blog party. (Yeah, that should worry the judges - no one ever knows what I'll say next!) Not everyone submitted photos so you'll have to track them down through their links.

Anita Beery
Anita is a certified proofreader whose clients are usually new authors preparing their manuscripts for submission. She has proofread numerous works of fiction, pamphlets, and poetry for small publishers in Arizona, California, and Colorado. Her "8-5" job has been with Maricopa County Superior Court for the past 18 years. An avid reader, she also enjoys her houseful of cats, tortoises, and a very patient husband.

Anita is here in the Phoenix area. We met at a local writers' conference several years ago. I've worked with Anita and can highly recommend her to anyone needing a proofreader. She is prompt with returing works, probably the only person in this industry who moves faster than a snail's pace. She will be the official line editor for Cactus Rain Publishing. How's that for awesome?
Joy Collins
Joy worked for many years in the nursing profession. So, it was logical that when she started her writing career, she authored many health-related articles. However, her love is fiction and in 2007, she published her first novel. Titled Second Chance, it dealt with many timely topics, such as marriage, step-families, and aging parents. Her second novel Coming Together, co-authored with Joyce Norman, highlights not only a love story but also the plight of orphans in Brazil.

Joy now divides her time between working on her third novel and her two publishing companies. Chalet Publishers is a small traditional publisher. For more information go to Her other company is Coyote Moon Books, her newest venture for self publishers. For more information, visit or contact her at

Joy is also in the Phoenix area. We are officially 'competitors' by all the definitions, however we are non-partner partners. Joy and I get together regularly to share tips and tricks we use in our own books and our publishing enterprizes. We also team market our books and refer authors to each other. Ain't that cool?

Nick Daws
Nick is a full-time professional freelance writer, editor, and writing teacher. He is the author of over 80 non-fiction books, ranging from 'Living & Working in Germany' to '365 Ways to Have Fun at Work'. He has written innumerable published articles and short stories, and has also had scripts broadcast on BBC TV and radio. He has written several top-selling distance-learning courses, including 'Write Any Book in Under 28 Days' and 'Essential English for Authors', both published by The WCCL Network.

In recent years Nick has specialized increasingly in writing for the Internet, and runs the popular online writers forum He has a blog at, where he regularly shares hints, tips and market information for writers, and a FaceBook Fan Page at He is also an active Twitter user at Nick lives with his partner Jayne, an IT lecturer, at their home in Burntwood, Staffordshire, England.

I met Nick when I stumbled upon My Writers Circle several years ago. I wasn't finding what I needed from other forums and soon found that I only went to MWC. Not only did I gain writing info about the international writing community, I shared the little bit I knew. I've always found Nick to be supportive of my crazy ideas for this blog (the blog party and this short story contest), and of me as a fellow writer. I think Nick is a Peach of a guy!


  1. Thank you judges for sharing your time with this contest!


  2. Thanks for sharing the judges with us Nadine. Thanks to the judges for giving up their time to read our entries.

  3. Thank you two for your comments.

  4. Well done for running the competition and, of course, for the time of the judges. Good news all round!

  5. Nice to meet you Anita, Joy and hello again Nick.

  6. Hello DJ. Monday's post will be Jo's story. Wed will be more judges. Friday will be Peggy's story (ladie's first, sorry guys!). So stay tuned...

  7. Hello again, everyone, and thank you for your kind comments about me, Nadine! I really enjoyed helping to judge the contest, and am glad that the winning stories will be published here soon.

  8. It's nice to read about the judges. Thank you again!

  9. Thank you for all the kind words, Nadine. I love working with you and "meeting" everyone here.

  10. Joy, I love working with you. It can get a bit overwhelming doing this on our own. That's why it is so important to me that we are friends and work together on projects. You are a treasure. See you next weekend?