Sunday, February 7, 2010

Search this BLOG added

I don't ordinarily blog on weekends, however I did remember that I wanted to add a search button to the sidebar. Done.

I tested the word "format" and it showed three pages of posts with format. On page three there is a 'more' button. Guess where that goes? It opened Google search results pages with all my related posts there. Oh cool! I love that feature. I'm glad I remembered to add it.

Go play with it and let me know if there are any kinks that need fixing. (I'll call my web designer, coz, I don't know 'fixing' stuff.)

Reminder: One week left to submit contest entries. I love everyone that has been submitted. Good thing I'm not a judge. Whew! You guys are awesome.


  1. I searched and it works. But you knew that anyway.

  2. Well, it has worked twice now. I think it will be a useful tool. I won't have to add links to previous posts. Wonder if it searches the comment section too?

  3. no search result for Marmite or donkey though