Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter Monsoons

The winter monsoons have begun. They will last a week, perhaps a slight bit longer. Growing up, my time was split between the bigness of Los Angeles and the vastness of the desert.

In the desert it was always a celebration when it rained. Wild flowers and cacti blooms were sure to follow and a temporary sparse green carpet would grow over the sand. It is perfect for the fruit trees too. (I desperately would like an orange tree and a white peach tree in my yard.)

When I was in Kindergarten we couldn't go out to play because when it rains in the desert, it doesn't mess around - it rains! Our teacher had us look at the drops dancing on the new "Lake Playground" and played Beethoven and Mozart as we watched the water dance in the water ball of a magical miniature kingdom.

I think of that every time I stand at the door to smell the clean scent and watch the drops dance on our swimming pool.

Just thought I'd share...I know you guys are cold. Someday maybe you can visit me during the winter monsoons.


  1. The winter monsoons sound amazing, Nadine. I am always in awe of nature's power. I can just imagine watching the rains and listening to classical music. What an inspired teacher you had! Bright wishes to you. x

  2. Hello Carol Anne! This is an amazing place to live. Nature (weather) has some unique moods. Google "haboob" and look at the pictures. Very strange to see these travel across the desert floor.

  3. Hahoobs are incredible and, I expect, quite frightening to see. I love where you live, Nadine. Thanks for sharing. x