Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Road Trip

Some of this week's posts are prewritten since I am going on a road trip in search of, among other things, photos of the desert rain for the Cactus Rain website.

Granted [the State of] Nevada has us beat in the mountain department, but Arizona is full of mountains and ranges -- and the Mogollon Rim leading to the plateau that is home to the Grand Canyon and others.

We have rock mounds made of granite boulders, some with petroglyphs on them. Four miles from our house is a small (by standard) extinct volcano with whitish pertoglyphs on the black rocks - breath taking.

I'm heading south to the Tucson area and beyond. I will be exploring the southern mountain ranges - from the road, not hiking alone.

I'm looking forward to the trip and rather write about beautiful Arizona than the publishing industry, which is quiet right now.

Look at the blogs and industry news services, most of the 'news' is about eBooks and their host of readers, or fortune telling the future of the industry, which is silly. How could anyone have imagined ebooks 20 years ago? (Okay, StarTrek did, but we didn't get our hover cars, much less personal sized shuttles, who knew we would get their hand held communicators and desktop computers?)

The industry is quiet, busy setting their 2010 Christmas catalogue (yes, really) to debut at the BookExpo America coming in a few short months.

I'm enjoying this down time - perfect timing for a road trip. All the Cactus Rain writers are busy with rewrites adding a variety of adjectives to my name, heh heh heh...but so far, in the end, I am redeemed.

Happy writing my rainbabies and contest writers. Dazzle me when I return.


  1. Wow - I'd love to see the petroglyphs some day


  2. Comeback to America and we will go see them.

  3. Whoops, didn't mean to post that yet.

    I found a new location of them when I went to Yuma in November. Plus there are those near our house at the Dear Valley Rock Art location. I must look for the photo of me as a kid with a huge boulder of them, I think in the four corner's region. That might be fun to go find that place again.