Monday, January 25, 2010

Road Trip Ends...

After the storms, which were many, I left Sierra Vista Saturday morning. On the advice of a local, I headed to Tombstone. The pristine desert was beautiful in the overcast light. Those are the days to get the best pictures since more of the UV light is filtered by the rain laden clouds and the colors are not washed out, but brilliant. Even the brown brush was a rich brown and the straw-yellow weeds were a beautiful contrast.

I didn't stop to take pictures, since I was aware that the soaked sand along the road can be easy to get stuck in and I didn't bring the Jeep for this trip.

Tombstone was a major disappointment as I followed the highway through town. The town would fit into our Arrowhead Ranch neighborhood. South of town I turned back, not willing to go to Bisbee on this trip.

I happened to spy a sign that pointed west. After parking and exploring a leather shop on the highway, I walked in the sprinkling rain to the heart of the treat of Tombstone. There were speciality shop after speciality shop on the boardwalk streets. The street was closed to cars and it was very welcoming to wander around town and look at all the treasures Tombstone holds.

I am most certainly going back to explore Tombstone when it isn't raining. I want to ride on the Stagecoach, maybe even the trolley. And I am going to go into every shop they have. I can probably do without the reenactment of the shootout at OK Corral. I'm not much of a gun person, but this is definitely an old west town that is more than a gimmick. With heavy heart, I turned north to return home.

I am falling in love with southern Arizona. I could do these road trips forever. I wonder if Arizona Highways would hire me?


  1. Give me John Wayne and a good western anyday!

  2. Glyn, Tombstome was awesome. If you come to the desert southwest, that is one place you must visit. You'll love it.