Thursday, January 14, 2010


Yeah, yeah, every minute I spend on the internet is productive time. That's why I don't have a new novel finished. Ahem.

So when you aren't in a social-networking-site-mood, try this puzzle:

Click to Mix and Solve

Hey, it's a beach thing...I can't help myself.

Why do I do goof-off stuff like this? That is a question that baffles many.

BTW, I saw on the internet that my new book, Storm Surge is being sold "used" for $44.62. Excuse me for being good at math, but that is over 9 times what I make on a new [autographed] copy of my own book, and over twice the list price. It was probably one of the books I gave to someone. Soooo, it is a wee bit difficult to get 'motivated' to write when I see stuff like that. I'm just saying, "I'm taking the day off."

Ahhh, feet up. Listening to my screen saver ocean sounds and pictures of Seal Beach. This is heaven. Well, actually being there would be heaven. But this is nice. See ya tomorrow with something special from Ireland!


  1. Oh, I couldn't part with your books Nadine! Enjoy your day off and the puzzle.

  2. Glynis, you are a sweetie. Watch your mail. I'm sending you a surprise for being you.

  3. Good news that the doomsday clock has retreated by one minute.|htmlws-main-w|dl1|link6|

    Bad news that I have forgotten how to make links in the comment section.

  4. Here's an award for you!

  5. You are such a card. I'll have to give the answers some thought. Hmmm...