Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Road Trip

This is going to sound really odd. (Don't they all?)

The drive wasn't as pretty or tiresome as going up to the Rim Country in Pine. I haven't been to Tucson in about thirty years. I don't remember the desert being so overgrown, which is a really stupid thing to say considering most cacti grow about an inch a year.

There was no rain on the drive, which I had hoped for. I rolled into town (look up Sierra Vista, AZ) after dark. I was promptly stopped for having the licence plate lights out on my car. That was a bit funny since I haven't had a violation of any kind, not even a photo enforcement speeding ticket, since my university days. (Being a scholar at the time, I quickly realized that tickets were a waste of good money and one that I could control.)

I pulled over and rolled down my window, only to have this young (the age of my kids, I think) officer tap on the passenger side window. It wasn't a ticket, only a repair order and they don't even require the parts receipt sent with the form. In this documentation world, that seemed odd.

Finally a light mist started as I reached the populated part of town (about 10 miles from the place where the Highway Patrol stopped me about my light) and missed the main turn (they don't have the street names well lit here). I went to the auto parts store and ended up buying only a Phillip's screwdriver, but left with the directions to two other parts stores and the part number for the Mustang light I needed.

At the second store, there were only a handful of shoppers - all in the light bulb section, I might add. So in the morning I will swap out the bulbs. I don't think what I bought looks anything like what the guy at the first store showed me on my car. He went out in the cold damp air, in the dark, and showed me how to swap the 'lamps' -- things come apart, then the glass bubble without any metal end, snaps in the holder part.

Anyway, as I was going to mention in the first place, there is something about this town that seems 'home' - and I've never been here before. I've moved many places I've never been before for a job, so it isn't a problem for me to go into the unknown. I actually like exploring - watched too many StarTrek reruns as a kid, I guess. I am most anxious to go look around tomorrow, which is today since my blog posts at 2 minutes after MN.

Good job I didn't go north to Flagstaff. They are expecting 60 inches of snow in the next few days. There is no way my baby Mustang would manage that.

So in a few hours, I'll go explore Sierra Vista. I'll let you know what I find...might post a picture too.

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