Thursday, January 7, 2010

A moment to reflect and recollect...

First of all, if you don't know that I am a huge fan of Carolyn Sheppard's music, you simply have not been paying attention. When she sent me the link to her latest YouTube addition, I knew that I would share it with everyone.

There are songs that have a quality about them that reaches into the soul of all but the deadest of spirits. Combined with fantastic music and Carrie's beautiful voice, this is one of those songs. Please listen.

Peace and love...

Follow Carrie's blog here:

Double click on the video above to go to her YouTube page and listen to more musical videos.


  1. Hi Nadine - gosh, blush!!! I was only messing about with that video for fun! Thanks for posting it here. Nice to meet you Ursula, Nadine's blog is a really great writers resource and interesting too (yeah, mutual appreciation society!! LOL)


  2. I enjoyed that, thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello Ursela and welcome, glad you visited.

    Hi Carrie...maybe I should have warned you as to what I was going to post? But you put it on YouTube and I couldn't resist. I really like the sound of the Gaelic in this song.

    Glyns, how are you? Glad you liked the song too.

  4. Completly amazing, how do I not know about her talent with musical vids already?

  5. Donno, she was at the blog party. It has been a long time since she made a CD and I'm on a mission... (See what an annoying friend I can be?)