Friday, January 22, 2010

Even More Road Trip

The plan for today was to repair my lights - did it. It turns out that I didn't need screwdriver after all.

A short drive around town revealed a lovely place. Much more shopping than I expected, several places to get Chinese food, and very new and very old neighborhoods.

Since it was dark when I arrived last night, I missed the planned turn, and it was overcast today, I still haven't gotten my sense of direction. It will probably right itself one I go out in the sunlight.

I didn't stay out long enough to go exploring on a mini road trip to get desert rain photos because the southern Arizona weather included:

1) Rain - more than we get in a year, which brings...
2) Flash flooding (remember the flood of 1981?)

and in nearby areas was a tornado warning (been in one - sounds like a freight train when they hit your house) and

blizzard conditions for the mountains near Tucson.

A side note to Carrie: Remember when we went to the Grand Canyon? The place where we stopped for fuel on the Indian Reservation was Verde Valley. From there to Flagstaff, the road closed today. They have three feet of snow and two more coming.

The Governor's office has declared a state of emergency for the entire state of Arizona.

That's all for now...


  1. Stay safe. Still raining in Phoenix area. But our tree made it through the night and no tornadoes in our area. So, I'm happy.

  2. Yes, I heard there was a small tornado in Scottsdale. I've been in a tornado, what a weird sensation. Big mess too.