Monday, January 11, 2010

Contest Information

I am not among the elite judges for this contest, but I am the gatekeeper.

Follow the guidelines to the letter to get your entry read by the judges. Ask questions in the comment section or email me.

Contest Guidelines:

Genre: Short Story, any genre. Unpublished.
Voice: First person, present tense. No exceptions.
Topic: Any topic except torture, child abuse or domestic violence, and nothing racial or gender degrading.
Category: Two, published and unpublished author.

Word Count: 500 to 1,000 words (+ or - 10 words).
Limit: One entry per person.
Eligibility: Everyone is eligible to enter, unless prohibited by law. Under age writers should get their parent's permission.

Format: Standard ms format. Send submission in Word or WordPerfect document. All entries will be converted to pdf for your security. Writer's names will be removed from the judges' view.
Submission: Send your work as an attachment to your email. In your email include contact information and which category you are entering.
Fee: None.

Deadline: Entries must be emailed to me at by February 22, 2010, Arizona Time Zone. (GMT -7 hours).
Prize: $50 USD to one winner of each category.

Judging will close March 14th. All entries will be posted on a hidden page on my website that only the judges will have the address. It will be set up similar to the archive newsletters on my site. Judging guidelines will be posted tomorrow and on the judges' page which will become available toward the close of submissions.

Winners will be contacted by email. Have a 30-word bio ready and a pic that can be used to announce the winners on First Draft.

Helpful links:
Manuscript info from First Draft: This is way more info than you need, but this is easier than posting multiple links.
Genre descriptions:

Thank you, Peggy Nolan for the sticky app info.


  1. My short story is written...this is exciting...I'll be checking out your manuscript guidelines, dotting my i's and crossing my t's...

    So exciting!

  2. And you're welcome for the sticky app info!

  3. Grand! I'm excited too. I hadn't thought of it, but I get to read all of these too. Glad I'm not a judge, heh heh heh...

  4. I've started mine at last - for some reason it's called 'Goosemilk and Goatfeathers'. Not sure what it's about yet, but we will see! It's writing itself.


  5. You crack me up, Carrie. I'm having a grand time reading all the stories. Can't wait to see what this turns out to be.

  6. Oooh, I wonder if I can drain my brain for this one. I will try.

  7. Glynis, it will be a snap. I'm sure you can do it.

  8. Hi Nadine, sounds interesting. I came across your blog through sweet Glynis who is always such an encouragement to me. Will try and write for this comp.

  9. Loree, Yes, Glynis is a peach. I've been reading both your blogs. Since I'm in the heart of Indian Country, I love the one with the Native American jewelry.

    I must collect all the photographer writer people I know and conduct introductions. I think you would enjoy each other.

    Please do enter the contest. I am enjoying reading all the entries.

  10. Just a reminder to check the date. The deadline is tomorrow Arizona time, so when I post the Tuesday blog, that is the end of the deadline.

  11. Mmmmm. Made it. Sorry I couldn't help advertise this for you. Since I've been home I've not only been jet-lagged but sick. Now it's gone into my eye. Hope all goes well. This should be fun.