Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Amazon Author Page

Ya know I call 'em like I see 'em.

I wrote in my January newsletter about my author page over at I have no idea what link I used the first time, but it was totally confusing and I never did 'activate' my author page. (Not that any thinking person would let me 'activate' anything.)

So... anyway, I was looking at someone's Amazon Author Page, wishing I had the smarts to understand what that one page said regarding how to do whatever it is that needed to be done. At one time, this was the kind of thing I'd ask my web designer to do. Yep, she is great like that. I am trying to do more of this stuff myself. (I do First Draft mostly on my own.)

Somewhere on that other author's page, I saw a link and bravely clicked on it. It was a totally different page from the one the day before. It was easy. Upload pic, yep, I can do that and I can even make them smaller, if I need to do that.

There was a problem that only book 3, Storm Surge, appeared in my choices of books to add to my page. The old versions of KB and HT were there. But the new 'in-print' versions of Kathryn's Beach and High Tide were hidden on a little (short) link line in the used section. They didn't appear in search results by my name or title, but they did by ISBN, and they were the new books!!!

Today's post is to say that a real live person answered my help question via email. We (not really me) fixed both the Amazon Author Page and the search thing for KB and HT, the new releases, that are in print and so nicely match Storm Surge.

That person said in the final email: "Thanks for writing back. We agree that the more recent editions of your books are the better choice for customers, and have selected them as the editions that should appear on the Author Page and in search results. This change may take 1-3 more days to take effect. I will continue to monitor your page to ensure that this change is successful."

Actually everything was fixed in a couple of hours (Amazon must have super computers and servers and ....). But can you imagine? She/he was going to follow-up (monitor)? That was more than I had expected from such a huge company. I am still amazed. Thrilled. WOWed.

This is the person who helped me. Talk a bow, please. L. Kittredge

I had resigned myself that my book situation was pretty much the way it would stay. Good thing I tried again. So if you have books on, go do the Author Page. You can't possibly screw it up in a way that they can't fix it.

Bravo! L. Kittredge!

See how it turned out?

Next pesky project is to recreate my video that is on YouTube. I've misplaced the master copy and I sort of, um, need it to post it on my author page. Sheesh! Whose day was it to keep an eye on me?

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