Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh MY Gosh!

I totally love this! Providing it has the standard key action, I'm going to track down one of these babies!

Isn't that wild! Wow!

Found it here:

That notice thingy: I didn't get anything, not even a cup of coffee, to post this blog. However, if they want to give me a keyboard to test (play with) I am not too proud to take it (hint-hint).


  1. That is totally beautiful. I love bright colours and want one of these lots and lots.

  2. That looks totally awesome! Better than the boring black one I'm using now!

    Happy New Year Nadine!

  3. Very pretty Nadine, but distracting. Not that I need any more diversionary tactics to stop me writing!!

  4. It is cool, but the one I have works just fine, though there are spots where the paint is worn off.

  5. All of them are so cute in the video, amazing i would say mind blowing video, thanks for sharing it.

    r4 dsi