Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh Baby!

This is the time of year when the new lists of popular baby names come out. I like to read them with the curiosity of a writer. Sometimes I take a name I'm considering for a character and find out the meaning for their name. For example my name comes from the Slavic, Nadia (Hope).

The problem is it is easy to start reading how my name went with the Germanic tribes to the now UK and my family adopted the transition name, Nadine, and has passed it down on the Welsh Evan's side of the family. Well, I'm the end of the line for the name, it appears, in this Stewart/Evans family tree.

(Of course there are name generators for the SciFy writers among us.)

The thing that is different about this list (link below), for those interested, is it predicts the top boy and girl names ten years from now, 2019. Whether you want to be the one to bring a name to popularity or to gamble that using a popular name will endear you to the lit agent you hope to woo, that is up to you.

All I know is Kathryn started out with a different name and it just didn't fit. So, back to the whole unscientific idea that stories will talk to their writer and tell them what they are or what they want to be (the drunken muse theory).

Okay, I made that up. Really, don't believe everything you read. There is no "Drunken Muse Theory."



  1. Even i do the same, even i am waiting curiously to know the new names, even i like that reading new names out curiously.

    r4 dsi

  2. It is a fun way to not get much done, but I find it interesting nonetheless.