Thursday, December 17, 2009

My 200th Blog Post!

Here it is! My 200th blog post and not a bright idea for something stellar to write. Sheesh!

All I can say is that it has been quite a year that began April 2, 2009. Of course, the blog party comes to mind as one of the memorable moments. I still can't believe the size of the Blog Party book. We really did have a grand time and it is because of everyone who participated that it was such a success.

I certainly went out of my comfort zone to do this blog on my own as much as possible, since I rely so completely on my web designer, Joyce over at She fixes things I do all over the net, not just my own website, which I think is fantastic (this is my third redesign for She did some of the graphics on the sidebar of this blog too.

I've laughed at the fact that I rapidly gained 45 followers and when I go over that mark, people un-follow. Hope it isn't personal???

FIRST DRAFT was my official coming out as being dyslexic. In many ways, it is no big deal to me since this is my normal. In other ways, it was admitting a point of embarrassment as a child and sometimes a reason for abuse by my teachers and a few peers. I hope though, in the end, it shows that if I can write novels, and write them well, that anyone who aspires to be a writer can be, if they pay their dues and pursevere.

In my typical sloppy sentimental way, I want to say 'thank you' to everyone who takes the time to read my blog and my books. You have made the time FIRST DRAFT takes well worth the journey.

Now I look forward to starting a small publishing company in 2010, Cactus Rain Publishing, that is different from any other company I know. It is a new model and there will be more innovative projects coming in the years ahead. I hope you will take this journey with me as we laugh at my goofs and celebrate all of our successes.

I love you guys. Sounds strange, but even though many of us have not met, I do love you.


  1. Congrats on the 200th post!!!! You have an awesome blog, Nadine--and you're an awesome friend!

  2. Congratulations on your publishing company!!!

    What a wonderful opportunity!
    I wish you great success!@!!

    Erin Collins

  3. Impressive, any way you look at it. :)Congratulations, Nadine!!

  4. Oh, congratulatons, Dear Nadine. And good luck with all the things you are doing in your life. You keep forging ahead, are an inspiration to others.
    Carolyn Howard-Johnson
    Tweeting writing tips @FrugalBookPromo

  5. 200 already! Congratulations! Yes, I still think about the 100th...miss those days :)

    All best wishes for Cactus Rain!

  6. Congratulations on post 200 and good luck with the new venture in 2010.
    Seasons Greetings, Nadine.

  7. Thank you everyone. Thought I'd celebrate this second 100 posts a bit more quiet than the first 100.

  8. Congratulations on a fantastic milestone achievement, Nadine. You're an inspiration! Wishing you every success for 2010 - especially with your new publisher project. x

  9. Thank you Carol Anne, I wish you the best in 2010 as well. (took care of the blogger problem for you)

  10. Sweet! Congratulations Nadine!!

  11. Well thats a great opportunity for yourself, this shows that you are very much dedicated towards your life and posts and you are in a great demand, peopel love you so much.

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