Thursday, December 10, 2009


It was 22 hours without electricity up on the Mogollon Rim this week. With the fireplace going it was below 50 degrees F indoors. Two and a half days with no internet. Phones still out. I'm glad I'd written a week's worth of blog posts as the snow began. Smart! I'm replacing the one scheduled for today with this - below. Please read.

This is really important for everyone to read. I'm hoping to hear lots of comments.


  1. What the article on the link had to say would have once surprised me. But I worked in a bookshop,WH Smith in the UK, and I saw how we were told to put the books out at the front of the store, which were promoted. A lot of them such as the celebrity cookbooks and celebrity memoirs never sold at full price because their original price had been inflated - it looked like you were getting a bargain. Not so with JK Rowling, WH Smith had to sell at the original price when a new book was published if it was going to make any money. The big supermarkets such as Tescos sold below the cost price because Mum would go into the food store and buy the child the book and then fill up the shopping trolley.
    Books on tables? I watched a couple once choose three books (three for the price of two) without even looking at what they were about. Bought on cover alone.
    WH Smith's biggest seller was a hardback European Road atlas at about £9.99. It was quite impressive, but it had cost something like 25p to print and produce in a East European State, they printed so many for sale worldwide.
    I note now that WH Smith in Paris have started to sell baked beans and mince pies and they are flying off the shelves.
    I thought when I worked in the bookshop it would be about selling books and all the arty stuff. But it's not. It's about making money and the staff were quite ignorant on literature.
    I believed that when I wrote my novel, my masterpiece, publishers would be falling over themselves to publish it because I am an artist.
    But I'm not, in their eyes, I should have been a celebrity with a 'made' up story to tell or a tin of beans.

  2. Incredible article about publishing and brick & mortar book stores. Definitely food for thought as I go about writing my book (btw, to printed out your post on characters a few weeks back!) and search for an agent / publisher.

    Stay Warm Nadine!


  3. Oh my! And I thought 66 degrees in my house was nippy! I bet you had a ton of layers of clothing on. I would. Stay warm. ~Joyce~

  4. I have passed this information on to our authors and to a writing listserv I belong to. I also plan on putting a link in my blog. This is important information and all writers - new and not so new- need to be aware of this. Thanks for posting it.
    It makes you feel discouraged at first but if you understand the game, you can play it better. So, indies don't have the clout. So, we go where no one has gone before - or where few are, at least. Bookstores are not what they used to be anyway. Online is where it's at these days and there we have a better chance to catch our audience anyway.