Monday, December 21, 2009

About agents (for Peggy) and all debut writers

Unless you're satisfied with being published by a small press, you must romance literary agents until one falls in love with your ms.

Here are some links on the subject.

Nope, no idea why the last link looks like a tome. There is LOTS of info at these links. It should keep you busy for days.

And some very good news for debut authors: (must read this)


  1. See - I knew there was yet another reason why I passed on some more blog bling to you! Even if I'm not the Peggy you are referring to, this is AWESOME info!

    Lots of love!!


  2. Actually, Peggy, you ARE the Peggy I wrote this to. See the link at the bottom of the post that I just added.

  3. How exciting!!!! I look forward to more updates and eventually a lovely photo of your Party of Five!These are fabulous and so fun! Yet another fantastic job. Congrats to you for creating such a great work.That sounds like so much fun! it's so fun to pretend magical places. its Very Sweet, I love it!This is so inviting! Yummy!oh that looks lovely!!

    dsi r4