Monday, November 9, 2009

RSS Feed

Way back in the dark ages when some people (not me) had those huge satellite dishes in their front yard, a west coast or east coast feed could be had and thus a greater choice of when to view certain shows.

So knowing what a feed is isn't rocket science. I've spent a couple of months (not full time) looking into doing an RSS feed of my blog onto my filedby page.

I read about it, I ask my friends about it, and I Googled the daylights out of it. I usually read the Wiki entries on topics of my searches. My web designer, Joyce from sent me two links of instructions.

Finally I followed the instructions and put the magic combination of letters following www into the filedby slot and waited. Nothing happened, which is usually what happens when I do stuff on the internet, so it wasn't that much of a disappointment.

Silly me, this isn't StarTrek and things take a while to do their thing. The next time I went to filedby for something else, I saw that my blog had migrated to that page. I'm not sure how I did it, but it seems a month's of posts are on my filedby page. I think that is pretty cool. Go look!

I half expected to see the orange RSS logo automatically appear on my blog -- and it still might. In the mean time, I fiddled around and put something on the left sidebar that seems to be RSS.

Goodness, NO! I haven't clicked on it to see what it does, I just put it there and think that was as much as I dare mess with the thing for one day.

That Disclaimer thingy about compensations and endorsements:
The Google search was free, RSS Feed was free, my page at was free, the advice from my friends was free, and the hours of entertainment this effort has provided said friends who laughed their butts off was free, though I might start charging for the front row seats to my agony.


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