Monday, November 23, 2009

Retro look

Several years ago, I read an ms for Nidhi Dhawan. Nidhi is an ENT surgeon in India. Recently Nidhi and I were talking (email) about her book and I ended up designing a cover for her.

First of all, so much for my memory, I knew there was a tree in the book that figured prominently throughout the lives of two little boys, one Hindu and the other Muslim. While I was waiting for Nidhi to tell me the type of tree it was, I took a quick look in her ms for a clue.

I mocked up a cover using a tree I had drawn some time ago - see tomorrow's post. As it turned out, I had the wrong tree in mind. Then I set out to draw a Banyan tree and redo the cover since she had liked the general idea of the cover. Nevertheless, it turned out to be a good thing I got confused about the trees, as Nidhi liked the use of the Banyan tree over the Neem tree.

Take a look at the picture of these book covers in the link below. Then look at the one I designed above.

Some things never go out of style such as simple straight forward cover art thinks. Sometimes a book will tell you what it wants. Perhaps on another day I will post the transitions of this cover.

Special thanks to Lecter Johnson for permission to use his font, xxii arabian onenightstand, in the cover art for Nidhi's book.


  1. I didn't realise you drew the tree! Wow, what a lucky author to get completely original artwork for her book cover.


  2. This is fantastic, Nadine! You are certainly multi-talented. What an inspiration! Hope life is treating you kindly and I'm sending best wishes from the UK. x

  3. Ah thanks. The real question is, would you pick up this book and read the back?

  4. I watched a couple as I sat in airport lounge select three books from the cover alone. I watched them intently and they did not look at the back or read the first page or so.

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