Tuesday, November 24, 2009


There are a million and one ways to not write.

One way is to buy writing software or go to a name generator online and play for hours deciding on a name, plot, or some other writing related detail. You can get great ideas from these.

Another thing some fiction writers do is outline the entire story, write extensive bios on the principle characters, research, research, and research some more.

Besides all the legitimate reasons that get in the way of writing, especially for moms/mums, I doodle.

When the writer's mind is gone for the day, yet I want to feel a pen in my hand (I write on the computer), I doodle with pen and ink. I don't use anything fancy, just a regular gel pen and printer paper and lots of circles and short lines. A different view of this doodle was in my December 2008 newsletter http://nadinelamanbooks.com/pdf/brag12-08.pdf

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm taking the rest of the week off!


  1. I can get totally lost in making those little circles, with a quick stroke. Sorry the pic is so fuzzy. I took it with my web cam - never realizing I'd actually use it. Next time, I'll take the pics with my phone. The second pic was scanned in. See how I've progressed with techy stuff?

  2. Have a great thanksgiving. Cx

  3. I doodle...with lines, like I'm doodling all these steps or something...or I make a bunch of 3-D boxes.

    I've procrasitinated enough...my story is in pieces, just waiting for me to pick it back up again...

    Happy Thanksgiving Nadine and enjoy your week!


  4. Peggy, that makes us practically twins!

  5. Your doodling is MORE than doodling ... it's pretty awesome if you ask me. I used to like to draw random swirling shapes on a page, and then fill in different areas with doodles of stars or stripes or zig zags or dots or other designs. Have a great Thanksgiving! Joyce

  6. This is fantastic, Nadine! What an inspiration! Really like this series! Amazing all indoors!Great work!

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