Tuesday, November 3, 2009

All the HIP PEOPLE are going to HATE this post.

I just can't get into this social media gig. I've tried. It doesn't flip my cookie. I don't think it is fun, and fun isn't the reason I'd do it since I 'do' real fun rather than virtual fun.

I have talked with people who are in marketing for their real job. For me and my type of writing the time vs outcome factor just doesn't come out mathematically in my favor.

I know I look like the high school nerd without a twitter, facebook, or the-flavor-of-the-day logo on my website and blog. To me, those sites are like walking into a room (or the stock market pit) where everyone is shouting at once. I can't deal with that.

I know some people enjoy it, or think they do. I know it works for some people, or they think it does. By my analysis, it doesn't work for me by the numbers or by my personality. So, I'm just saying, assess it for yourself and make sure it isn't taking more than you get from it.

Just passing on a link on the topic:

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