Thursday, October 1, 2009

Writers write

On the distraction scale, today ranks in the high range. Too many thoughts on too many subjects and I'm struggling to come up with a decent post for today. I keep telling myself that writers write.

Nothing is wrong, I simply go through the topics like switching channels on the television. They all seems pedestrian. I've been writing for a long time, so that isn't good enough. Writers write.

One distraction is figuring out how to tell an unpublished writer who I have known for years that the story is great, but the writing isn't bold. They take risks with the plot that are absolutely brilliant, yet in the end, I don't know the characters.

I understand not writing boldly. There are so many people who think they know me after reading my books. Perhaps they do - up to a point. But I would hope I am more than the sum of my writing. Perhaps it is my own fault for keeping more of me private than it appears. One of my sisters-in-law said she understood...but would tell me later. It has been almost a year. Understood what? Has she forgotten or changed her mind?

So that's it, that's what I got for a post. It is nothing to write home about, that's for sure.

This is what my horoscope on Yahoo said:
Have faith in yourself and, especially on Thursday and Friday, in others. The people around you are quality.

I'm certainly delighted with the people in my life, so here's to you. Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings.


  1. Writing a blog post every day is a hell of a commitment. That's why I stared adding in odd things like book reviews on mine - but even so I don't post more than a couple of times a month!

    Writers write - but sometimes... :-) you can just chill.

  2. True, but life is more interesting with challenges and I'd rather set some of them for myself.