Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Winter Preparations

All the Arizona periodicals have pictures of the fall colors. Some of the neighbors have been busy closing their cabin for the winter. I hear others out cutting wood.

We have been in a mood of cleaning the garage (not me), rearranging furniture in three rooms (not my idea either, but I love the results), and getting set for a comfortable winter. I've been looking for lily bulbs, but always get pointed to the tulips. Almost everything here in the mountains strikes me as comical.

It isn't so funny to give readers tulips when they are looking for lilies. I've been thinking a lot about the list I want to build for Cactus Rain as I wash windows (my idea) and clean rain gutters of pine needles. I'm aiming for the top end of the 'mid list' and expect that my writers will go on to great things.

It is exciting to redesign the wheel in a way that makes sense for a modern world. Besides the technology advances, publishing hasn't changed much for 150 years. I think it is about time for that change. Don't you?


  1. Hi Nadine, Just popping in to say `hello!' Hope you are well out there in the mountains. All the very best with your projects. x

  2. Did I mention that I love the name 'cactus rain'? I really enjoy prepping for winter, it is exciting in a snuggly sort of way. I could smell the scent of dropped pine needles crushed underfoot as I read your post.

  3. Hello Carol Anne. I visited your blog recently to see what you'd been doing. I love your photos and stories.

  4. Hi DJ, It rained yesterday and the air had a wonderful smell and crisp feeling. My friend saves the pine cones for the fireplace. They're beautiful to watch burn.