Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pop Quiz?

What happens if you write a guest blog about typesetters and send it to a very bright Argentinean teen?

You have to look at this. It made me laugh at what she did to my plain ol' email submission. Please leave her a comment. (Click on the first line below the date after the last comment.)

Introducing the bright, talented, beautiful -- Ella!


  1. A great post and Ella did a great job. I visited the museum with my college group, and there were several hand-written books dating back to the fifteenth century! Imagine being a writer in these days!

  2. Can you imagine writing a book (neatly and correctly) by hand? Wow. We have it easy street.

  3. Ella did a fabulous job! I loved what she did with your guest blog post!

    BTW, I can't imagine writing a book by hand the way they did before mass use of the printing press. Those books are incredible works of art!