Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Free Book Offer

Here is an offer from my good friend Joy Collins.

We are trying a crazy thing to try to get COMING TOGETHER into the hands of more people. Could you blog this or send it out to your mailing list?
Thanks a bunch.

Here ya go, Joy!

Chalet Publishers is giving away free e-copies of their new novel COMING TOGETHER - A story of love and intrigue in Rio!

We know once you read it you will fall in love with Daisy and Luis and Rio.

This offer is good from 12:01 AM (today) October 14, 09 to 6 PM October 16, 09 Pacific Time. (Pacific time is -8 hrs GMT)

So, if you would like to have your free copy of Coming Together, send a blank email during that time frame to Put FREE BOOK in the subject line.

We will send a PDF version of the book back to you by return mail.

Chalet wants to give books away! So, tell your friends about this novel and they will also receive one by emailing us.

There are no gimmicks. Just good will and total belief in a book we know you won’t soon forget!

This is simply our gift to you.

Don’t look for strings attached.

There aren’t any!

Personal note: Joy doesn't know (unless she reads this) I'm reading Coming Together now. How's that for coincidence? Pretty cool, eh?


  1. Good Post...!

  2. Good morning, Alfrhnsby. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have you requested your free book?

    I'm reading it too...just getting started.

    I've invited Joy to stop by when she can today. It is just after MN here.

    BTW, I just started following your blog...

  3. Great one. I already read the book - thoroughly enjoyed it (must write a review!). I've put the link to here on Twitter too - hopefully some more folks will pick up on it.


  4. Thanks, guys! Just getting up and finishing my first cup of coffee. We have been getting a great response to the free book offer and it feels wonderful to get it into the hands of so many people. Thanks for all the support.
    I never tire of hearing that you love the book. :>)

  5. I have sent my email off and await the chance to read it, thanks. Thanks for the info Nadine. I have linked back here from my blog with the info for my followers to get the chance.