Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Confessions, Endorsements, Disclaimers, and other stuff

I mentioned last Friday that I might disclose a possible conflict of interest endorsement this week. Well, here it is.

Months ago I was looking for my old book covers on the internet and going through changing the ones I could to the new covers.

I found filedby.com and signed up (free) so I could edit the cover art for my books. I emailed 'help' to add Storm Surge and change the publisher info (I couldn't do that myself).

A conversation ensued with Renae at Filedby and as I do with many beta sites, I gave feedback. She was prompt at helping me make the changes on my books. So I got interested in the site because the regular social networks I'd tried (as we're supposed to) didn't 'flip my cookie.'

I thought (and have said) filedby was what I was looking for in a site to chat with my readers about my books. No silly games and quizzes and I was not limited to 140 characters. My books aren't on amazon so reviews can't be posted there. I encouraged people to meet me on my page and chat with me or post reviews of my books on my fan site at Filedby.com.

Well anyway, I guess my input was useful to the filedby people, they certainly said Thank You often enough. (Very nice people - did I mention?)

One day they sent an email saying they had upgraded my free basic account to Premium Plus.They never said why they did that, as far as I remember it was sort of a group hug thing. They never asked for anything in return from me.

Of course I'm going to continue to tell them what I like and what doesn't work for me - that's what I do. The upgrade makes no difference in my opinion of their site. Filedby works for me and I like what it adds to my portfolio.

My Filedby page: http://filedby.com/author/nadine_laman/2238025

Filedby membership info: http://filedby.com/service/membership/matrix/


  1. It's good - just needs more exposure and more readers engaged I think. Not sure how they are going to do that.


  2. Glyn, sign up as a reader (free) and visit your favorite authors' pages. Leave comments.

    Carrie, that is the trick. It is easy to find writers, but readers are harder to target.

  3. I adore Filedby. I'm only sad more readers aren't aware of it. It's the perfect place to meet and chat with your favorite authors and have all your favorite works listed and reviewed.

  4. I have not heard of this before, I will look it up, thanks Nadine.