Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cactus Rain Publishing

If you read my October newsletter, you know that I'm launching Cactus Rain Publishing. The letter came back from the Arizona Corporation Commission approving the Limited Liability Company for Cactus Rain Publishing. All that is left to do officially is to publish the legal notice in the newspaper, then file the affidavit of publication with the AZ Corporation Commission.

Cactus Rain Publishing is a boutique publisher specializing in distinctive voices in novels for adult readers. Cactus Rain Publishing is going to reinvent the idea of a small press. In the search for the highest standard in writing and publishing, both the work and author will be vetted. Most of the writers will be foreign authors writing in English, but there will be other surprises on the website once it is launched.

The writing will be fresh and unique for an American publisher. And the writer will actually make money for the hours, weeks, years of work to bring a story to life for the enjoyment of their readers. No lit agent required, but the query letter should be stellar and make me ask for a one page synopsis.

Joyce (DesignByJoyce.com) has started working on the CactusRainPublishing.com website. Currently the URL redirects to my personal website. Just wait until you see what she is doing! OMGosh!

I have bids for the logo. The contract is back from the lawyer. And I'm working with the debut author to begin the 2010 catalogue. There will be online sales and I'm working on securing real distribution with a distributor who has impressed me for years.

So that's my excuse for not having another ms written. What do you think about that news? Questions?


  1. Fantastic news and so exciting! Well done Nadine.


  2. Thanks, Carrie.

    I've thought about this for a long time. It will be a way for foreign authors to distribute to the American market.

    I'm very excited about this.

  3. How exciting!! A new venture...a new road...you'll still come up with a new MS soon enough!!

  4. Very exciting news and I couldn't think of a better person to spearhead such an innovative venture. xo

  5. Thank you, DJ. I'm very excited about it. There's a lot to do on the business end of things, but I think it is time someone looked at reinventing the wheel. There is one more venture after Cactus Rain gets going steady.

  6. I love the logo and the name! And I can't think of a better excuse for not writing!

  7. Hey! Happy to be back from hibernation... And if you do not need a lit agent, it is REALLY GOOD NEWS. All the best.

    BTW, did you get the last mail I sent you?

  8. Nidhi, that was a long hibernation. I'm glad you're back. Yes, I saw the last two emails.

    A good lit agent is good to have. A bad one is worse than having none.

    Best to you too.