Monday, September 7, 2009

Editing links

by Glyn Pope, France, guest blogger

After the first draft of our masterpiece is written comes the time to begin to rewrites and edits. I found this page quite useful for self edit:

During the blog party, the following links were offered. To make them more easily accessible for a reference to bookmark, I compiled them for this post.

For grammar and writing
The Guide to Grammar and Writing is a reference resource I have used for some years now. It makes fascinating browsing too, especially in the so-called Grammarlogs (their Q&A section)
– Nick Daws blogging at:

I love my friend June Casagrande's Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies (Penguin). It's funny and makes the point about many rules not being "rules" at all. And it's entertaining! Everyone should read one book a month on language, editing and the art of publishing. It's our careers. Even if we aren't writers.
– Carolyn Howard-Johnson blogging at the following:

It is a holiday weekend in the USA, meet my guest blogger!
Glyn Pope is an author of two published novels, Learning To Wave and To The End Of Love. Glyn blogs at


  1. Great links Glyn, thank you.


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  3. Hang on ... you have to register to vote and I'm not sure how you get a blog listed. Well, go visit anyway and see what you make of it.


  4. Hi Glyn !

    Posted your package today - let me know if it arrives okay.
    Good job as guest blogger here !


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  6. Goodnight, Glyn. It has been quiet the last couple of days, no worries, I'll wind everyone up tomorrow...and I'll be on the road so I can't comment. That should be wild!