Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blog Party Rendezvous

I said I'd post a place for people to leave messages regarding the party. I want to express appreciation to the people who said thank you for throwing this party, and to those who thanked the authors for the book prizes. Your mother would be proud of you, it is almost a lost art to receive a written thank you these days, most of the time they are emails.

I'm working on formatting the blog party book. It is over 500 pages, we sure had lots to say. I can't help but read as I format the pages and it is fun to read the comments again. I'm not correcting typos, only formatting. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

I'm not going to stay up late to post a comment, so I'll do it now. I've received all the books I was expecting. And have sent out the last of the books I had to send, even the books from Kip to the two little guys were sent today. So let me know if they arrive safely.

Add any notes or comments regarding the blog party. If you post a review, be sure to let the author know about it and post the link here. I'll do this again and always use the same title, so it is easy to search the blog for the word Rendezvous.


  1. Thanks once again. It was great fun and I look forward to the book. xo

  2. Wow, 500 pages? Are we chatty or what? It was awesome, sometimes I go through the old comments and laugh. There are many things I already forgot.
    The book will have a special place on my shelf!


  3. Nadine,
    I say you should you break your own record.
    How about an entire "one year blog party ?"
    Can you imagine that ??!!

  4. It is amazing to read back through the comments. I get a real sense of bonding between all of us.

    It will be below 500 pages once all the formatting is done. That's good bacause it will weigh so much it will be like mailing a brick and I'll lose my shirt on postage.

    Yeah right, Marsha. Um...probably NOT.

  5. 500 PAGES!
    Wow is all I can say.
    You did good, girl!

  6. Thanks, I just provided the place, it is the guest authors and the party guests who made this work.

  7. WOW! 500 pages! I'm so impressed! That's a lot of blogging and commenting! Not to mention a LOT of fun...