Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekend Intermission...

Isn't this just amazing? What a fun group of people you are! Congratulations to all the winners so far. More partying coming next week.

Big thank you to the authors who had the trust (or lack of insight) to jump in and turn this into the place to be on the internet.

Leave posts, if you'd like. I'll pop in and out over the weekend. I'm sure some of the other authors will too. 'scuse me, I have laundry to do, make yourself at home...

*dances around the room...*


  1. Hi Nadine,

    You have a lovely blog here! Ivy told me about your blog is where I can win a book easily, which is why I'm here. Hope to read more from you.


  2. Oh wow - last week was a blast! Shall I help you tidy up? Just so there's more dancing space for next week...


  3. Hello Panharath!
    Thank you -- *hugs*
    As always, I'vy is right! Kick your shoes off and make yourself at home. Take a look around at last week, feel free to post.

    We have five more writers coming next week to give away an autographed copy of their book.


  4. Hello Carrie, darling,
    Thanks, that would be brill!
    The kids are moving the furniture, would you mind hoovering for me?
    (For those who don't know, I'm taking ENGLISH lessons from this Brit.)
    Truth or Dare. Did you think about adding, 'chica' to your post?

    xx Nadine-chica

  5. Nope - I kept forgetting 'chica' anyway - your English is coming along well though!


  6. Hi Nadine

    Its been a great week and I can't wait for the meantime how about I put out the garbage for you (it's a dirty job but someones gotta do it). :-)

    Any chance Ivy might cook up some more of her pancake cakes next wek?

    Catch you later...Chica!!!



  7. Reference: your comments on a couple occasions regarding the tiny lizard, DG(?) I nearly jumped out of my skin two days ago, I opened a drawer, and there looking back at me, was a two inch long Gecko. Not green like in the commercials, but a lovely tan/brown baby Gecko with bulging eyes and all. I know this will freak some readers out, but I left him/her/it alone, remembering my time on Maui, because I'd much rather have a visiting lizard, than the alternate, pesky bugs. as far as I'm personally concerned, the little Gecko can stay as long as he likes, and I hope he eats heartily. (but he really surprised me)

  8. Ah, Kevin, sounds like you got a buddy there!

    I made Alex's birthday cake today - my 'lad' is 18! Now I'm going to buy some stuff to cover it in a thick chocolate custard. mmmm....


  9. Ah... the cake is ready and son has gone to the pub with his dad for his first 'official' drink!

    Meanwhile I think I'll pour a glass of wine. Shall we just kick back guys - relax and enjoy?

    Thanks for doing the trash Kate.. let's get Glenn to tidy up the cushions and make the place neat - a surprise for Nadine when she gets up.

  10. Nadine,

    I'm sorry that I've not posted anything these last few days. Have partied too much, puked all over my shoes and passed out in the loo. And this was just here in England ! Ha Ha, just kidding ! I just noticed your party is going on for three more weeks ??!! - I had better get drinking that French pear cider and get back in the game. Party on Dudes !

  11. hello everyone, oh thank the place all shined up. Looks great! MmmmMMmmM, Cake...

    Hey Kev, but can they live outside and keep the bugs OUT? I don't care what Inez says (on this one thing), I do think they are good spirits. I'd rather not have them up my pant leg thouh.

    Marsha, Goodness is that what happens when you move from AZ to UK? (Count me in!)

    I so miss saying chica today. I got so wound up I forgot to ask Jen lots of writing questions. She is a fantastic writer...

  12. FYI. I was looking through our party guests and saw Anne Alexander had been here. Signed up for her newsletter, got the first issue, really like it.

    Check her out:

    Chica! (just had to do that)

  13. I made the most humungous chocolate cake - and there's LOADS left. It's covered in a rich chocolate custard type icing... any takers?


  14. MMmmMMmMm Cake! I'll have some in a min. I'm going out for a swim. Cleaned the pool - the wind blue flowers in it...they were just floating around, if you please. That's the life for me!

    See all ya chicas! ya!

  15. *the wind blew blue flowers into the pool!* Sheesh...and I'm a writer? Susan! Where is Susan? I need an editor for my comments!

    *chica* I am so stuck on saying that again, heh, heh, heh...

  16. Hi chicas!

    Was the last week chicastic or what! Can't wait to see the rest! Nadine, you're my hero!

    Kate, I'll make you as many pancakes as you can eat! Aren't they delicious? I added you to my blogroll!

  17. Hi Chica Ivy,

    (Doesn't that get stuck and you can't help saying it?)

    You are a sweetheart!

    XX Nadine

  18. Hi, just dropped by with another bucket of village red. I noticed someone had mopped the floor with the last lot, it does shine nicely though!
    Well, what CD is that playing now? Oh I love Jive Bunny, pull back the mats and let's boogey...we will clear up again tomorrow.

  19. Hello Glyn!

    I just added another song to Sunday.