Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Seismic Activity

Glynis in Cyprus (isn't the internet wonderful?) is blogging about character development including more sensory experiences. I thought that was interesting since it isn't something a million other writers blog about. That led me to do a self-review of my works.

Most serious writers are interested in anything that improves their writing, and usually only the most arrogant (I've met a few) or inexperienced writers think what they bang out is perfect.

Ivana, a young writer in Croatia, reminded me of one of the universal responses to Kathryn's Beach, the impact of the beach in that story. I've mentioned before how setting needs depth to enhance the stage for characters to play upon.

Yesterday four Mexican earthquakes were felt in Phoenix (they were in Baja California). The report said that several high rise buildings downtown were evacuated. We are part of Phoenix, the western part, and I didn't notice the quakes. Maybe that is because I grew up in Southern California where we have earthquakes all the time, but it set me thinking how I would find it unbelievable if someone wrote there was seismic activity in Phoenix - maybe even if that was part of the plot.

Often writers exaggerate to make things feel more real, an innocent kiss with a touch of tongue, a car crash with several rollovers, or spousal banter that ends in an earthquake (like in the movie Grand Canyon, set in LA). Yet, it has to be within the realm of possibilities. Having lived in Phoenix (twice now) I just wouldn't buy an earthquake, even though, it does seem to happen. So... there is real and there is believable writing.

Glynis is here: http://www.glynissmy.com/


  1. Thank you for mentioning my blog. I am having fun with the senses learning curve.

  2. My pleasure, Glynis. I'm glad I read your blog.