Monday, August 31, 2009

Party with NICK DAWS!

Beam me up, Scotty! This party has gone galactic! Come party and win an autographed copy of Nick Daws', SciFi book. Everyone invited (except the Cabbage Face aliens from Nick's book) I should make it clear, everyone human is invited to party!

Anne is the winner from Friday and yes, you may have High Tide. You are the Haiku Champion. Congratulations! (email me, please)

Bonus: Anyone who has commented at least once before today and have NOT won a book, email me if you want one of my books - you are a winner now! Ya gotta play to win.

My impression of Nick Daws is influenced by the image of him being the GodFather moderator on writing forum. I was happily a member of the forum, just chatting away...and meeting several of the writers who were highlighted at this blog party. For some strange reason, Nick and his bevy of moderators voted for me as the replacement for the American moderator. (What were they thinking? I never did learn to split topic threads. Not to mention, the site crashed the day I became a moderator, honest! Ask Carrie.) Nick was always changing his picture, with a hat, without hat, sunglasses on & off...

I think of Nick as a non-fiction guru. Nick wrote Write Any Book In Under 28 Days, which I have heard is very good. I wrote the first draft of Kathryn's Beach in 21 days, so I know it can be done. I have a copy of Nick's Essential English For Authors, my first eBook experience. I printed it and have it in a binder. One of the things I like about that book is it has both UK English and American English rules and guides.

Come back later and click around on the links here:

So when Nick asked to be in the blog party, he floored me when he said he has a brand new SicFi work, The Festival On Lyris Five. I have loved SciFi since the very first time Captain Kirk had his shirt ripped off or someone beamed somewhere. To be honest, I like all the science and the political morality statements made in SciFi. Too bad I can't win Nick's book!

Here is what has about The Festival On Lyris Five: Former Ten Stars combat pilot Rick Barrett is having a bad day. Not only is he jobless and broke, in a seedy spaceport bar he has just been forced into a winner-takes-all poker game with a homicidal cauliflower. Salvation is at hand in the shapely form of Irish redhead Julie Halloran, who has an unusual talent of her own. Julie has a proposition for Rick that could end his financial worries at a stroke, though it might also end up getting him killed. But is Julie keeping a few cards hidden herself? The Festival on Lyris Five is a fast-moving, hilarious, science-fiction novella, where nothing is quite what it seems. The story by UK author Nick Daws is beautifully complemented by Louise Tolentino's wry illustrations.

I read as much as I could on the link below. I want to know what is going on with that blond who is helping Rick play poker with the cabbage face alien to win his life. Check this out:

SciFi party music!

Encounters of the Third Kind video was removed by YouTube.

Party Game: Name your favorite SciFi series, movie, or book and say what you liked best about it and talk about writing stuff while you can ask Nick questions. That is all you have to do to be eligible to win an autographed copy of Nick's The Festival On Lyris Five.

This is the place to party without worrying about typos in the comments (who cares?) -- this is after all, only the FIRST DRAFT.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Intermission, encore...

Oh what a party! I'm looking forward to our fourth and final week of the blog party with mixed feelings. I admit that I'm tired and have planned a week of rest in the mountains with my friend of 35 years. Yet I am also having pre-separation anxiety. I think many of us have connected with each other more firmly than before, and in a different way than we had enjoyed until my one hundredth post.

I think how blessed I am to have met the kind of people who rally to a project, commit, and follow through. Some people have found the silliness off putting, but most have seen through it to the heart of what we could make of this truly non-event event.

You, guest writers and guest readers, are the people who inspire, celebrate, and contribute to life, even through what is simply a digital binary system that connects us. I don't think anything can stop you. I wish for you all your dreams come true, save one to give you something to always strive for.

Rest up, we are going to keep partying!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend Intermission....

Wow What a Week! I keep thinking it doesn't get any better than this and each new day, it does. Three weeks straight of blog partying to win books. World wide too!

So far we partied in 56 countries: Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Canary Island, Chech Republic, Chile, Cote d’lvoire, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Peu, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Republic of Maldives, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, The Netherlands, The United States (USA), Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay.

It sort of makes me want to sing...

I love you

Friday, August 28, 2009

Party with NADINE LAMAN!

by Ivana Marić, Croatia, guest blogger

Party, Party, Party...can you believe we have been partying for three weeks? Let's keep celebrating and give away more autographed books today! Everyone, world wide is invited...EVERYONE! Want free books? Play the game and/or comment in the comment section.

Carrie is the winner of Joy and Joyce's book yesterday. Congratulations! (email me, please)

Nadine Laman and I have met two months ago, but in many ways it feels much longer than that. Incidentally or not, we met on my birthday.

I had to see what was all the buzz about Nadine Laman and Kathryn’s Beach on Filedby. Seeing the words dyslexia and writer at the same page—in the same sentence, was my WOW moment. We started chatting, and Nadine heard my whining about lack of new books in English in our bookstores as I was unable to make online purchases. Not two weeks later, Kathryn’s Beach arrived at my home.

As I just commenced into my education on the world of publishing, Nadine answered many of my questions, sometimes even those unstated, on her blog, First Draft. Nadine is a mentor and friend who takes notice when I’m not around and takes time to email me and asks if everything is fine.

I am reading Nadine's High Tide. Kathryn is one of the most believable characters out there. Nadine's writing style is compelling in the sense you get a peek into Kathryn's mind and heart, making her all the more believable-and enjoyable.

What I learned from Nadine is that there are no obstacles in pursuing your dream-and if they still get in your way, how to easily avoid them.

With this blog party, which is really a terrific idea, she introduced so many great authors and readers I feel blessed to have met. She brought us together to celebrate what we love and what is our mission-writing our stories. Nadine magnanimously put others under the spotlight for the past few weeks. Today, Nadine, the stage is yours! Come out, take a bow and enjoy all that jazz!

Original music by Nadine's youngest son when he was 14. Photos from Seal Beach, California, taken by Nadine and family...often with a disposable camera (or a 35mm Minolta).

Thanks, Ivana. That was very sweet. You did a better job than I would have. I'm not surprised after the review you wrote for Kathryn's Beach.

I think everyone must know by now that Kathryn's Beach began as a short story emailed to a friend, a chapter a night. The whole thing was planned about as well as this blog party five minutes before I said, "Party!" (The planning came after the announcement.) In the short story, I gave Kathryn a frail but resilient personality. After Terrie, my friend, insisted I write a novel, then a second (the third was my idea), I was stuck with the characteristics I had given Kathryn in the short story.

Kathryn's Beach is the story of Kathryn's return home to resolve the past that haunted her. After knocking the wind out of Kathryn toward the end of KB and having her dust herself off, High Tide gave her a few more bumps and busies and laughs. All of the struggles and triumphs came together so she could meet her biggest challenge yet in Storm Surge.

I would rather not give away spoilers, since I know most people at the BLOG PARTY have not read my books, otherwise, ask me anything about the books, the differences in writing a trilogy, or my well documented ability to jump off cliffs!

Party game: As we were thinking about a party game, Nadine mentioned she hated Haiku poetry. I’m not a fan of it either, so let’s turn it into our advantage and have fun. Write a Haiku in the form 5-7-5 syllables that has to have the words Nadine and Beach anywhere in it. If it doesn’t give you a brain hemorrhage, do more than one. It’s not so difficult once you give it a try! (Oh yeah, giving away autographed books!)

This is the place to party without worrying about typos in the comments (who cares?) -- this is after all, only the FIRST DRAFT.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Party with JOY COLLINS, encore!

Welcome to the Blog Party Everyone! We are celebrating writing, reading, and each other! Join in and win an autographed book!

Glyn and Peggy are winners of Irene's book! Congratulations! It pays to play! (email me, please)

Joy Collins returns for an encore. As I said on 12th, Joy and I get together fairly often to talk shop. Like everyone else, we email, but getting together for lunch and showing each other proof books or whatever else adds a dimension to working as colleagues.

I asked Joy to return today to highlight team writing. Joy teamed with Joyce Norman to write Coming Together. I find it interesting that Joy and Joyce have never met. Maybe with the internet that is less unusual.

When Joy and I had lunch the weekend before the blog party one of the first things I ask was what was it like to team write. Her answer goes beyond team writing, it fits with working with an editor, a literary agent, a publisher, PR firm, just about anything in this industry. Joy said: 1) You have to get over the idea that every word is priceless and not worry about rewrites; 2) You have to check your ego at the door. Good stuff, Joy.

Coming Together is set in Brazil, the opening scene involves police kicking in a door, orphans, and the women who care for them.** (Got you hooked, didn't I?) The same thing happened to me.

Coming Together is a love story. A story of foreign intrigue. A story of the coming together of cultures, of passion, and, most of all, of unbelievable hope in the face of staggering odds. This is also a story of choices, hard choices, where life and death are constant reminders of making the wrong decisions. Lives are at stake when Daisy, Luis, and Isabella take on the Brazilian dictatorship in order to bring freedom and a future to those who matter most. It was written for the heart and spirit in all of us. You will not soon forget this book.

Joy in Arizona and Joyce in Alabama queried the ms and were accepted by a small publisher. When the contract terms were read, the two decided to create their own small press, Chalet Publishers, LLC. The books are printed in Arizona and Alabama, which has proven to work well for them. This book is only a month or two old, so it is practically hot off the press.

Party Game: In one line or two, make up what might happen in that scene I set above **. Joy is a pro at the blog party now, so ask her questions about team writing, about creating a small press, or ask her about Coming Together, today's prize.

This is the place to party without worrying about typos in the comments (who cares?) -- this is after all, only the FIRST DRAFT.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Party with IRENE WATSON!

Party, Party, Par-ty. Party, Party, Par-ty. (Conga line) YES! This party is ALL about having fun with writers and winning autographed books. It is world wide, everyone is invited...EVERYONE!

Late in the day yesterday, Connie donated a second autographed book. Our winners are: Ta-Da! Nick and Andrew. Congratulations guys! That is sooooo cool to have men so interested in Breast Cancer. All us women think you two rock! (email me, please)

Irene Watson is an amazing woman. I found Irene years ago when I was doing my usual thing of really-really reading websites. I saw a link to, a book review company that Irene runs. In exploring at RV, I somehow came across the fact that Irene had written a memoir. Call me crazy - but reading and dyslexia are like oil and water - I had never read a memoir, so I bought Irene's book, The Sitting Swing: Finding Wisdom to Know the Difference.

As the only surviving child of Ukrainian immigrant parents living in Canada, Sitting Swing tells the story of Irene's childhood and the far reaching effects it had on her as an adult.

Her website says: Irene Watson's pretentious life could go no further until she faced her own past. Her inspiring memoir begins at the end, in a recovery center, where she has gone to understand a childhood fraught with abuse, guilt, and uncertainty.

Later, when I was looking for a good review service for my books, I went back to I had a question or something about the process and Irene answered it.

Over time, our friendship has been one of frank discussions about the publishing industry in general and the indie corner in particular. Irene is one of the industry's pros. I love our discussions, idea bouncing, and years long friendship. Irene has come in and provided services to indie writers that were once road blocks to our entrance into the arena of the publishing world.

Today, I'm switching her hat to the writer Irene. There is so much I want to ask about writing a memoir. I write faux memoirs, so I'm off the hook to get things right - I make them up. However, I'm sure Irene will gladly answer questions about the industry for writers and for readers who are curious about what the heck it is that we do. Plus I will take the liberty to plug that serious readers who want to be reviewers for Irene can contact her for details.

Until I started writing Irene's day, I hadn't realized she has a new video for her second edition of The Sitting Swing: Finding Wisdom to Know the Difference.

Check this out!

Party Game: Irene is giving away two autographed copies of Sitting Swing. To be eligible to win, the game is name the country your family immigrated from or you would like to immigrate to - make something up, if you don't have a real answer.

This is the place to party without worrying about typos in the comments (who cares?), so if English is a second language, comment anyway -- this is after all, only the FIRST DRAFT.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Party with CONNIE E.CURRY!

One thing for sure, we KNOW how to party at this BLOG PARTY. I have to quote Roman, the winner of Glyn's book, "You are damn right that it pays to play, but believe me this is just the second time I won anything and it feels jolly good." There! You have it from a winner. The only way to win is to play.

The winners from yesterday are, drumroll - please! Kevin, Shadow Government by Ray Derby; The Little Hobbit, Ned Visits New York by Kip Cosson; Kate, The Desert Has No King, by Fred Baby Aguilar; Mary, The Bully Books by Rita Towes; and name withheld on Why Me? by Rita Towes. Congratulations to each of the winners, email me to arrange to collect your books. NEWS FLASH: Kip has donated a second autographed Ned Visits New York and that one goes to Pesky Kid. (Winners, please email me)

Connie E. Curry is one of the funniest people I know. Boy can she string a yarn. I hope some day all of you get to read her humorous piece on her son's health class assignment. As a mom of three boys, I held my breath as I read that piece, then the 'gotcha moment' at the end, did get me.

I hate to admit it, but I met Connie on Facebook (don't go look to friend me, I was there all of 6 weeks).

Connie wrote a thick book about her knock-down, drag-out, kick boxing win over breast cancer. She is one gutsy lady. A picture of her without hair fills the front cover of her book, Give Me Back My GLORY. The book ends with her picture with hair, the beautiful picture that is on her website. Go look,

Connie is a freelance writer with a background as an emergency medical technician, EMT, the ambulance person who saves your life in an emergency. In four easy pages, Connie brings you from her childhood to the day she knew for certain she had breast cancer. Check this out, it is smooth, "Our innocent, sweet babies had grown into teens and, although born beautiful and healthy, they lacked angel wings."

When it comes to breast cancer, Connie is clear about straight talk - it's the only way to be. I have learned more about breast cancer than I've ever known, and I'm not even finished with her book. I had no idea that after a mastectomy, part of the reconstructive surgery involved tattooing 'pigment' for the new nipple area. Makes perfect sense, I just never thought about it.

Connie's Give Me Back My GLORY makes it okay to be scared, to be brave, to fight for your glory. She includes photos of her journey to glory in her book.

Each day since my very first chemo, I would feel my hair and tug on it, looking for signs of it falling out. When I bathed, I would check the drain as the water washed away, always looking for clumps of hair.

A book this well written doesn't just come out of nowhere, so I ask Connie to share more about her day job.

I won the National James Thurber Humor writing contest with my short story called, "Homework Assignment." My first story was for a magazine called, Women With Wheels. I took on a huge job, rebuilding my 1974 VW Bug. It is a beautiful car and I spent more on my chrome wheels than I ever spent on jewelry. I truly did a lot of the labor on it. I still drive it and love it.

I also write for my local paper. My column is, "Our Neighbors" and it is about ordinary residents here with big stories."Everyone has a interesting story," I've said numerous times. About 5 yrs. ago, I went into our local paper office and asked to speak to the publisher. We'd never met and I had not a lot of writing under my belt (although I have sold many stories to various magazines which has not been included on my web page, yet). Anyway, I boldly walked in, introduced myself and being so outspoken, I said, "You know, our paper needs more. Subscribers do not want to read about a farmer in Iowa, or a story about someone they don't know. They love stories about people right here in Delaware. There are so many interesting people here. Let me write stories about them." As simple as that, he gave me the job. The stories are on my web page. I love meeting people and truly enjoy their unique stories. I get calls from people all the time that want me to write their story. I feel so honored.

I also write for the local Habitat for Humanity which is my way of giving since I never climb on roofs and pound nails on the homes they build for low income people.

Here is Connie's kid!

Party Game: Write a title of a story about a made person in Connie's home town for her column. (It won't really be published, this is just a game.) Also ask Connie any questions about breast cancer. Let the games begin to win an autographed copy of Give Me Back My Glory.

Irene Watson is here tomorrow!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Party to the Max: Five winners today!

Today launches the THIRD week of the awesome-est BLOG PARTY for readers and writers! I am so thrilled all my friends are meeting each other and having such a good time. Today we are giving a way SIX BOOKS from FOUR authors!

Peggy (USA) won Carolyn's book last Friday! Congratulations! (email me, please)

Several of my good friend are not able to party with us, but they are here in spirit and they are donating autographed books for me to give away. I have the best friends in the whole world!

Ray Derby has been a long time friend. If you want to be dazzled by a bio, go look here: I am, without a doubt, Ray's biggest fan. He writes books about government conspiracies with the voice of authority. Any of his books could easily be made into a movie that would rival Three Days of the Condor, Spy Games, or any other conspiracy movie you can name. His titles are Shadow Government, Bradley's Ghost, and Clouds of Deception. Look here for details: Each of these books are incredible stories and his voice is distinctively that of a master storyteller. Ray will give one of his books today.

Next on today's line up is Frederiko "Fred Baby" Aguilar. Fred is 100% character. He and my hubby lit up Las Vegas one weekend. (I don't want to know the details!) Fred comes from my home town (Southern California area) and even wrote a murder on Seal Beach, the same beach in my trilogy. The Desert Has No King is a true mafia-style story of the young desert city of sin and gambling - Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a God Father story of the west and how much of the story is fiction, I can't say for sure. Learn more here:

Turning to the lighter side of life is Kip Cosson. Kip is a New York City designer of children's clothes. He took his characters from the front of his clothes into a book a couple of years ago. I was the first person to order his book! Yep, I have the first autographed copy of Ned Visits New York. Ned Penguin hops on an ice burg to go to NYC to visit his pen pal, Meece Mouse. The two mates visit all the best spots in New York City. This is a toddler age book, the pictures drawn by Kip are vivid and fun. Coming this fall will be Kip's second book, Ned & Meece The Wheels of New York. Each page of the story will be written in 6 languages. You bet, I'm going to be first in line to get this book too. Kip sends his regrets and said something about a honeymoon, so I let him off this hook for the blog party.

And the lady of the day is Rita Y. Toews from Canada. Rita writes award winning novels for adults, but she and I are on a campaign about Bullying. Bullying is a life long cycle. Both the bully and his/her target commence down a road that leads no where good: Broken relationships, poor social skills, failed employment, inadequate parenting skills...the solution is to break the cycle. The Bully: A Discussion and Activity Story is for grade school children. The perfect companion to The Bully is Bullying: A Parent's Primer. (These two books will be given away together.) And for teens, Why Me? (an eBook). Please learn more about these books here: Bookmark this page. If you ever know of a person who is being bullied, come here and buy the book for them. That will be your contribution to their life and a better tomorrow.

Party Game: On your FIRST comment of the day, include which book you would like to win. There will be 5 winners today. Here are your choices:
1) one of Ray Derby's books, Shadow Government, or Bradley's Ghost, or Clouds of Deception. Pick one.
2) Fred Baby's The Desert Has No King
3) Kip Cosson's Ned Visits New York
4) Rita Toews Bully (for children) and Bullying (for parents) - both books come as one gift, for you or someone you know. Why Me? I'd like to go to a teen or be for a teen you know.

You have lots of choices, do your homework and post your choice in the comment section.

Coming up tomorrow is Connie E. Curry! Yea!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Intermission...

Keep dreaming your dreams. Celebrate with abandon when they come true.

There will be five winners on Monday!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekend Intermission...

Wow! What a party! You are the best-est ever! We have set all kinds of records with this blog party and that wasn't even the point. What was the point? Simply to get together for my 100th blog post and celebrate each other, writing, reading, life in general.

We are at the halfway point and still have lots of partying to go. To launch our second half of the most awesome-est (yeah, I really am a writer) blog party for readers and writers, we are starting off on Monday with four books to give away - FOUR winners on Monday!

Mushy Alert: I know this stuff makes some people uncomfortable -- they tell me. Nonetheless, life is short and I don't think we can express appreciation or affection one time too many.

Thank you to the guests who have come to the blog party, sometimes repeatedly. Thank you to those who have invited their friends. Thank you to all our friends and families who have visited 'our' day and not known how to participate, you are the wind beneath our sails. And to my writer friends, thank you for doing this, I know it is time consuming. I'm glad you've enjoyed it. I am having the time of my life, thank you all.

The nice thing about this party is you can revisit any day, like a time machine! The winner of Carolyn Howard-Johnson's book will be announced on Monday. Have a good weekend. Please play this song below that I posted for YOU. You know who you are. Yes, you - you're the one.

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Friday, August 21, 2009


People from 35 countries have partied in this BLOG Party! Come join us! Post comments to be eligible to win a free autographed book each day.

Roman (USA) was the winner yesterday for Glyn's double autographed book. Congratulations! (email me, please) Proof that it pays to play.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson has been on the editorial staff of Good Housekeeping magazine, a staff writer for the Salt Lake Tribune, taught writing courses at UCLA, written novels, non-fiction, articles...(pause for a breath), but probably one of her most challenging positions has been being my mentor. She is the 'big sister,' all wise and usually patient; I am the sibling whom she loves and sometimes could ground for life.

I call it the M-word, she calls it Marketing. Carolyn loves it, I hate it. She has the fashion sense of a model and I'm more shabby chic. Carolyn lives near my old neighborhood, and I live near one of hers. How we became friends is a mystery. Yet Carolyn is patient with my outspoken views about the industry that differ from hers. When she is right about something that most people would follow with an "I told you so," Carolyn just follows the line with, "Ahem."

Carolyn was the first one to respond when I sent out an email to a very short list of invited writers, saying not only would she participate in yet another of my Andy Worhol ideas, she would donate the book as a gift for my 100th blog post. That's pretty big of Carolyn considering she has been trying to get me to blog for over three years. Carolyn leads an army of my friends who encouraged me [strongly at times] to do the blog thing. And here we are, partying the event.

Here is Carolyn's fiction viewed through my eyes. If you read through my older newsletters, you'll see how I reverted to log lines when space was an issue: This is the Place; If you’re half Mormon and half Protestant, how do you fit in? Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered. Every family has little white lies they tell.

Carolyn's non-fiction needs no log line. The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success. The Frugal Book Promoter: How to Do What Your Publisher Won’t. A Retailer's Guide to Frugal In-Store Promotion. And, Carolyn's Amazon short (you can ask her what that is): The Great First Impression Book Proposal: How to Sell Your Book In 20 Minutes or Less. (Her titles have built-in log lines.)

And Carolyn's poetry: Tracings, a chapbook of poetry, the layers of one woman's life, and Cherished Pulse, Carolyn's Valentine to you.

Now two very personal notes: Last night Carolyn and I were talking about what I would write about her. Just so you get a peek of who we are, our conversation via email (yes, email. Not IM or texting). Watch how she puts her book title in the conversation. She loves marketing! (That is so not normal.)

Blog comment alert email stating Carolyn had posted and what she said. Our emails begin.
Carolyn: did you get my comment about new cable, etc. it's not showing up on your blog.
Me: Subject line: YOU POSTED! email: Now I know how you felt when I blogged! Seriously, I'm still working on your piece, will you kill me if this is the introduction? Or do you want something different. I'm just getting to your books. I fell asleep at my desk, I have been up since MN with only a short nap, before this last one! (Instructions to find second page of comment posts.)
Carolyn: I love every single word. Wouldn't change a hair on its head. Blogs are supposed to make us feel human, you know. (-: Hooray for you for marketing and not being too damn private (just private enough).
Me: There's more, want to see it?
Carolyn: Let's surprise me. I trust you.
Me (later): I've forgotten the name of your new retail book.
Carolyn: See my new autosignature below. (-:
Me: Oh crap. I was so busy enlarging the other bits that I missed the BIG one. Did you find your post on my blog? isn't that a screech! Two fricking pages???
Carolyn: Really. Huge. VERY rare. 207 or something. for one post.
Me: Yep, when we finish tomorrow, we have doubled the longest running blog party. We're going for 4 weeks... so...let me do the math., you do the math
Carolyn: Huhhh, if that's been verified as close as you can, it's worth a media release to online and local press. Even to biggies like USA today. Be sure to give them stats. You're good at that.
Me: I thought no one had had a blog party. I googled blog party. Two sisters do an annual week long blog party and that is the only entry. But it is not a writer & reader party, not a daily free autographed book. I'd like to write it up. I've been keeping notes. I need help though. seriously, I don't do nonfiction well. I'm shabby chic.
Carolyn: You've got my book. Follow instructions for a media release. Send it to everyone. Send it to me. I'll Jimmy it a bit and send it to my list, too. Take it from the angle of that it's a FIRST and has had huge response and document that response. And, yes, then also do a how-to article. We'll run with that, too. You can just redit the release a bit to do that.
Me: Ok. But...I want to write a REAL article, you in a magazine. Not PR.
Carolyn: Suggest for XXXXs Journal. Tell the editor I sent you. I used to write for him. Do a query letter first. Directions in your Frugal Editor.
Me: Thanks, may I ask for this AFTER the party and detox?
Carolyn: PLUS, you want to hit while the news is hot. Wait a month and it may have lost most of its steam.
Me: Ooops! Ignore last email.
Carolyn: See what I mean. You're really such a natural.
Me: Thank you, I've been in therapy.

Second item:
Carolyn: I get up about X:xx. I'll rush in to comment. Do know that I have an audition tomorrow, though. So I will be away from the computer for about 4 hours (love that LA driving time) from 11 to about 4. I'll check in as often as I can.
Me: Break a leg!

What? You thought I was kidding about her fashion sense? She's an actress too. Go enlarge the photo on her website.

Party Game: Actually, the party game isn't a game. Ask Carolyn your editing and M-word questions. Even if she isn't here, she will come back and answer each one. Someone wins a signed copy of Frugal Editor today! Just post a question or comment for Carolyn.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Party with GLYN POPE!

We are well into week two of the biggest ever blog party by authors, world wide. Kick your shoes off and dance into our hearts, everyone is welcome - open invitation to win autographed books!

Ivy (Croatia) was the winner yesterday for Susan's autographed book. Congratulations! You prove that playing wins books!

Glyn Pope is a British writer who lives in France. Glyn and I have known each other two, maybe three weeks. We both subscribe to an industry news service out of the UK that covers the world wide publishing industry. I rarely post comments, but there was an article that was the most ridiculous industry prediction, full of fear inducing statements and plain old hogwash - I had to comment. Glyn also commented. I tracked down his blog, read it, followed. He noticed, emailed me, and there the conversation about writing and publishing began.

Glyn is studious and asks good questions, then he ponders the answers and comes to an insightful ruling. I find that to be a fascinating characteristic since I tend to discard doing things simply because "it is what everyone else is doing." I like logic and reason, two things mass behavior often lack, so I'm looking forward to many fresh conversations with Glyn.

Learning to Wave was Glyn's debut novel. Set in the Midlands, UK, and France, spanning thirty years, Rick goes from being a whizz kid at university to his fall from grace.

To The End of Love is an historical novel of two families that span three generations, from 1890's Russia to contemporary France. Both families are connected by the their grandparents' unrequited love. The characters play their scripts of love and survival in their day-to-day lives upon the historical backdrop Glyn paints.

Obviously I haven't finished reading Glyn's novel...something about a party, but let me share with you the opening lines from To The End of Love:

For a long time after Christine had died Richard rarely slept. When he did sleep his dreams were vivid. He decided it must be the local bread that was made from real ingredients brought in from the country rather than chemicals that a factory bread maker might turn out. Someone told him once that was how LSD was discovered from the flour of the country bread giving the inhabitants wild visions. One night he dreamt the plot of a novel.

From there, Glyn leads the reader steadily into the lives of his characters. The renowned French artist Anne Lamali, allowed Glyn to use her paintings for his book covers. To The End Of Love shows Glyn's daughter and her boyfriend. Learning To Wave is of his wife who Anne has painted many times.

Now, together, let's get to know each other a little better, it is a party ~ time to meet and greet old friends and new.

Party Game: Answer these questions in the comment section below to win To The End Of Love, signed by Glyn Pope and Anne Lamali, whose painting is on his cover art.

1. 'To The End Of Love' takes its title from which Leonard Cohen song?
2. Where can you buy 'To The End Of Love' and 'Learning To Wave'?
You may need to look at his blog to help you,

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NOTE: This is new to me, so I'm passing it on in the event not everyone else knew this either. The comment section filled and began a page TWO. Look at the top of the first posted comment or below the last comment at the right corner. Click the word, "newer". Isn't that wild? Who knew it would do that???

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Talk about a party! We have had over 3,112 page views so far + YOU! We aren't breaking blog records, we are setting them! Everyone is welcome to join in and win autographed books from the authors!

Connie (USA) won Andrew's book yesterday, autographed and all that jazz. Congratulations! Email me, please.

Susan Gabriel is my new friend of the summer. Remember the kid you met at camp or Grandma's house that becomes your BFF? I just started blogging in April (09) and was searching writer's blogs to figure out this new world. I came to Susan's blog and started my routine exploration.

Me: "Book: Seeking Sara Summers."
Me: "Cool! Alteration in her title, clever. I like it."
Me: "Chapter, read, oh wow, do I buy this book?"

See what I mean? Is this a strong first paragraph or what? THIS is Seeking Sara Summers!

Sara Stanton stopped at an intersection and stared at the red traffic light ahead of her. She wasn’t the type to go off driving into the night. Not without a map and her destination circled in yellow highlighter. Her grin grew into a smile. She had managed to surprise herself. What if she just kept driving? The possibility intrigued her. She could be one of those people who went into the store to get a pack of cigarettes—in her case, a quart of Rocky Road—and never be seen or heard from again.

I sent Susan and email that was basically..."love your book, posted a review on my blog." (I think it is only right to warn people.) We emailed back and forth and became 'instant' friends. Susan is genuinely warm, caring, and fun.

Here's a review from
Elena (Spain) The story of Sara (Summers) Stanton sounds like that of many women who live their lives trapped into a life of mostly self imposed expectations. The transformation that occurs in this story shows not only the struggle to let go of the "acceptable" status quo and emerge as an individual that follows her heart instead of her mind, a mind that has kept her in a cell of her own making for most of her adult life, but also that of changing one's mind and the dead weight it has uselessly carried all along. Sara's breakthrough takes time, being sure of what she really wants doesn't happen overnight, letting go of years of unsatisfying habits is the process that we read about in this book.

This is an intimate story with a single POV, the reader is inside Sara's head all through the story, and to me this made the struggle very personal, and somewhat painful. I had this urge to step into the book and scream to Sara it was all right to follow her heart.

Sara's cancer read to me like an allegory of Sara's state of affairs, it didn't feel so much like a physical malady but more like a symbol that the way we live our life can just as easily kill us within. Sara's worst enemy doesn't seem to be her physical cancer, but the mental one.

Supposedly, the light in this story is cast by Sara's friend, Julia, and by the wonderful Italian scenery. But that isn't the light I saw, I kept focused on that bright light at the end of the tunnel that Sara was navigating, and that I kept hoping she'd reach before perishing of self imposed darkness.

Susan is another writer who is also an accomplished musician. It shows in the pacing in her writing. I can almost hear the background music change as Sara travels to Italy with the fountains, statues, shops, and countryside. It has certainly been a while since I enjoyed a book this much.

This is beautiful. From Susan's Blog:

Party Game: Susan sends Sara to Tuscany. In the comment section, where would you send a character? Feel free to ask any writer questions too. Post comments to win an autographed copy of Seeking Sara Summers.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We are still blog partying...and I have that N'SYNC song stuck in my head (I haven't played it for days). As far as I can tell, we hold the record for the longest continously running blog party. (If you know different, let me know.) Come join the fun! Everyone welcome! It is an 'open' party.

Nick (UK) was the winner yesterday for Erin's autographed copy of her book. Congratulations! Nick. (email me, please).

Andrew Revels is a long time friend. We met over in England at years ago, I think it was way before my moderator days. Anyway Andrew and I became mentor and 'grasshopper'. His was a quick and willing student. Andrew is a year, maybe two, older than my oldest kid. One time, I pulled the "This will make sense when you're older" line. Within 5 minutes, he rifled back to me one of the most beautiful and insightful poems I have ever seen, from anyone of any age. In about an hour, he sent me a YouTube link.

The next thing I know, he has a book through That book was his short story collection of Games Poor Kids Play.

The minute he emailed me, I went to lulu and bought the first copy - beat him to it! There were lots of 'oops' formatting moments in GPKP the (first) book, but the stories had both hubby and I rolling on the floor, laughing so hard we had tears running down our faces. I have the first copy of the first edition, and I'm hanging onto it!

My favorite game poor kids play was, wait for it, dart tag. Yes, darts...those sharp things with feathers on one end. Everything was going all right until someone got 'tagged'. Every kid knows the number one rule: don't tell your mom/mum when you get hurt doing something S-T-U-P-I-D!

Following shortly after GPKP came 32 Reasons I Need a Helmet. Yep, got that book too. I wrote in one book review that I was glad Andrew wasn't my kid, and his mom emailed me. She knew I was joking and she is very lovely. Andrew told me that Kathryn's Beach made his mom cry. Aaaah. See his other quotes on my website 'review page'.

Andrew has this writing late at night bug that I have, so just about every night he sent me a chapter of his novel, Belly of the Beast.

I have ALL of Andrew's books. The amazing thing about Andrew's writing is it is so nearly 100% perfect right off - first draft (I've seen them). Andrew is writing his second novel about a road trip. It's fantastic too.

Andrew is a natural and I can't wait to see where his talent takes him. He is a wild child with a gentle spirit and brilliantly creative mind. Can you tell I love this guy?

When he came to Arizona, we were able to get together for an afternoon at my house with my family. He is doing multimedia interviews of local bands and the FOX station did a feature on Andrew recently. It's on his website.

Andrew sent something to me he would like to add to this post. Here it is:

“Don’t go where the puck is…go where it’s going to be.”

I have become a huge fan of Wayne Gretzky as of late. Yet I’ve never seen him play a full game of hockey. I’ve never seen a full game of hockey period. Much like baseball, golf, and break dancing…it’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing more than watching.

I have frequented ESPN since I was a young lad in Wisconsin, so I am no stranger to the highlight reels featuring “The Great One” and his amazing performances. He made it look so easy. But as impressive as he was on the ice, he is twice as amazing as a man.

I’ve never seen a more genuine professional athlete in my life. Gretzky seems like such a warm, welcoming human being. Take a break from this for a second and google Wayne Gretzky’s charity work. It will blow your mind. This is a guy that got an opportunity, made the most of it, and became the best. He also became grateful. That’s one thing that we always need to be. Wherever any of us are, have been, or will go…we didn’t do it alone.

If I had never read Sherman Alexie’s The Loner Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, I probably never would’ve started writing my own collection of short stories. Had Nadine Laman never taken the time to mentor me and advise me in the writing industry, I never would not have written three books. Because of that, I will never stop giving props where props are due. I will always point people in their direction. Because I am grateful for what they’ve done for me.

But spreading the word on them is not enough. I asked Nadine how I could repay her for all of her help and kindness and she simply told me to make sure to do the same for other people. That was very Gretzky of her. I’ve tried to do my best to help other people out any time I can.

The internet is an amazing platform if you know how to use it. Two years ago I started inviting any unrecognized author to write a column on my web site. How did that turn out? I’m engaged to one of the writers that took me up on my offer. What goes around comes around. When I wrote my second collection of short stories, I wanted to include illustrations. So I scouted message boards and classifieds to find an unknown artist looking to make a name for himself.

When something happens for me, I want it to happen to someone else. And it goes beyond writing. I started PRTV as a way to help showcase any artist or entertainer who needed a place to showcase their talents. I’ve interviewed over 25 people so far, and for most of them it was their first interview. We have a local semipro football team that nobody has ever heard of. I am doing everything I can to get them noticed.

Wayne Gretzky’s father tells a story about when Wayne was playing junior hockey and had scored something like 380 goals. Wayne was getting ready for a game and said to his old man, “You know there’s a kid on the team that hasn’t scored a goal yet? I’m going to help him score one tonight.” And he did. Twice. He was ten years old. That’s what it’s all about. People helping people. If something great is happening to me, I want it to happen to somebody else. It’s a cycle. You help me, I help him. You inspire me, I inspire her. We are all eager and hungry, and if we have each other’s backs…we will all succeed. This is an amazing thing Nadine started, and I am grateful to be involved.

Live long. Live strong.

Party Game: Post in the comments below a sentence that includes the words, "I know what it's like" or tell one of your childhood antics. There ya go! Go win Belly of The Beast, an amazing debut novel.

By request from the comment section group:

You asked for it, here is the Games Poor Kids Play cast of CHARACTERS!

32 Reasons Andrew Needs A Helmet.

And the man behind all of this...Grandpa Revels turns 80 (YouTube disabled the sound)

Coming tomorrow ~ SUSAN GABRIEL!

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Party with ERIN COLLINS!

Here we GO! Week two and we are still partying!

The winners of Jen's books from Friday are Ella and Carrie! Congratulations! Email me, please.

Erin Collins, where to start? Erin and I have never met, we have never talked on the phone, and I realized the other day that I have not read her book! How weird is that?

What I can tell you about Erin is this, we've known each other for several years. Any time I've asked Erin for help with something, she doesn't ask questions, she shows up. I try very hard to do the same for her.

Now I said I hadn't read Shadow Walk: The Gathering. That is true to an extent, I have read an early version of her manuscript. I distinctly remember the scene with the van...oh my, that is so scary. Erin just eases into this frightful situation like a hot knife to cold butter. I was hooked instantly, then taken down this very scary road before I knew what happened. And there is no way to stop reading once you start.

If you have read my books you know there is a lot of beach time, but think about it, zero on or in the water stuff. ZERO. I got caught in the undertow at Moro Bay, one of the deadliest parts of the California Pacific. Erin has this scene where (I hope it okay to tell this) this guy is in a tank of fluid and can't get heart was racing when I read that. OMGosh!

This very nice lady can scare the bee-jeebies out of anyone. I never saw that one coming! Never.

Read these excerpts and see what I'm talking about: See what I mean? Erin has you smelling cookies fresh out of the oven, then BAM!

Party Game: Post a comment about what scares YOU. Also, I keep forgetting to mention, ask any writing question you'd like to ask Erin. Posts in the comment section are what make you eligible to win Shadow Walk: The Gathering.

You knew I was going to start with this song, didn't you?

Coming tomorrow is ANDREW REVEL!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just a few 'basics'...

I've received several reports that people don't understand what to do or how this works. No kidding? Me too! We're twins!

At any time, you can click on the words "FIRST DRAFT" at the top of the page and it will bring you back to the current day's post.

To get to the comment section of any day's post, look at the bottom of that post. In small letters next to the envelop thingy it says "comments" -- click on that. Then scroll down after the comments open. It might look like nothing happened, like you are on the same page, but scroll down anyway. I've put red type in just above where the comments begin, so aim for below there.

To post a comment, type something in the box at the bottom of the comments. Select a profile, even anonymous works. Click 'post comments' -- sometimes it gives you a preview, click post comments until it does it...the daft thing has a mind of its own.

To read past posts, look waaaaay down the left sidebar. Find "Blog Archives". The first day of the party was '100th Post Blog Party,' if you want to start there. This sidebar is present at all times. You can't get lost, I promise. Just click on the top of the page "First Draft" in the party mast.

If you want to know more about the authors participating in the party, there is a list of them on the sidebar, closer to the top. Click on their name and it will take you to their sites.

The only way to win a free book is to post comments. Take a deep breath, and try out playing with some of the instructions above. If you get stuck, email me. NadineLaman(at)

There really is no way you can do this wrong. Everyone is welcome. Come celebrate with us!

Ready to start? Take a big breath, let it out slowly. Click HERE.

Poof! Crash! .... You just crashed the blog.

Nothing else can go wrong. Feel better now?

To get to where we are today, click on "First Draft" at the very top of the page.

I'm glad you're here.

Just thought I'd say...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekend Intermission...

Isn't this just amazing? What a fun group of people you are! Congratulations to all the winners so far. More partying coming next week.

Big thank you to the authors who had the trust (or lack of insight) to jump in and turn this into the place to be on the internet.

Leave posts, if you'd like. I'll pop in and out over the weekend. I'm sure some of the other authors will too. 'scuse me, I have laundry to do, make yourself at home...

*dances around the room...*

Friday, August 14, 2009


Day 5 of the blog party and we are just getting started!

Show me anyone else who gives away a free book ~ autographed by the author ~ every day for 4 weeks!

Gonna warm up the crowd with some teen music! Everyone is a teen today!

Backstreet is B-A-C-k! (see what my web designer taught me to do with YouTube?)

Carrie had so much fun yesterday that she is giving away two autographed copies of Ghost Sniffer and Other Stories. The envelope, please! Yesterday's winners are ... Kate and Susan! Ladies email me for details!

Jeannine Garsee, author of Before, After, and Somebody in Between ~AND~ Say The Word, has another book on the way... Jen writes for Bloomsbury USA. Check that out! She rocks!

Jen is the first author I met on the internet, years ago. Way back then Before/After had a different title, a working title. Then her agent or Bloomsbury's editor, can't remember the details, said the title had to change.

You have to be flexible if you're going to play in the majors. (A USA baseball term meaning the big time.) We started calling her ms (manuscript), "Martha" after the MC (main character). Psssst! I still call it 'Martha'.

Martha has a mouth on her. She doesn't go slumming, she is from the slum ~ with a big dream to be a professional cellist. As with all of us, everything goes perfectly fine and all her dreams come true by page 7 ~ NOT.

It is no small feat to get a publishing deal with a big NYC publishing house, ya know. So when Jen told me she was thinking about writing her second teen book (YA) with a gay theme, I thought, "Wow! That's a big risk for a debut author in teen lit."

When I beta read "Say The Word" I fell in love with the story. Shawna is a typical suburban teen, headed for the front row seat at medical school (more what she 'should do' rather than wants to do). Her parents are divorced ~ typical. What isn't typical is her dad. He says absolutely horrible things about her mom and mate. To my delight, Shawna's step-mom helps her... I'm not telling the rest.

The problem with Say The Word is that Shawna's BFF calls her "Chica" all the time. AND ~you guessed it~ I got that stuck in my head. For a YEAR (no kidding) CHICA was my buzz word.

Party Game: Whatever you post in the comments HAS to include the word *chica* somewhere in the post. Jen has two books to give away. Jump in and start posting!

More music...(I had help from Ella!)

Carrie sent me this one...

Ivy emailed this one to me (good luck on your day, Ivy)

I thought of this one...

From the party comments...

Coming Monday, Erin Collins! You have all weekend to go back and read the whole party. I'll be here...

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Party with CAROLYN "Carrie" SHEPPARD!

Hello Party Goers! Here we go! Day four!

Yesterday's winner is Nidhi (from India). She answered all the game questions correctly...and had fun doing them! (I'll email you and we'll work out the details of getting your book to you!)

Carolyn Sheppard is a music celebrity from Shave the Monkey, that toured Europe in the 80's. That's right, she was the lead singer, and one of the writers/musicians from Shave! Lucky for us, some of her musical story telling has made its way to YouTube. (More on that later.)

Carrie has the genes of a first rate artist. Her family tree includes stage actors, a costumier, an opera singer, an artist, and more. I'd mention names and wow you, but this is all about my friend Carrie.

Several years ago, we met over at writer's forum. Carrie is one of the moderators at MWC. Carrie, Cathy C, and I were all moderators (along with others). We said when we got old, we'd be like the Golden Girls (that's why I smiled with Ivy's song Tuesday). Thick as thieves, we became fast friends (BFF).

Carrie came to the states so we could go on a road trip to 'Kathryn's Beach' (and the Grand Canyon - we made snow angels). What a great week! In the process Carrie wrote 'Indian School' after touring the Heard Museum in Phoenix.

There are other storytelling songs on her MySpaceMusic. I'm a huge ballad fan, so I quickly fell in love with her songs: Who Are We To Blame? a beautiful song about the Dow Chemical spill in India; The Lighthouse Keeper; Witchfinder General; My Name Is Summer; Mrs. Winchester; and lots more...

So! When I found out Carrie was going to the studio to record her Ghost Sniffer stories, I was thrilled! I could NOT get my hands on a copy of her audio book fast enough. It is absolutely fabulous! I took Ghost Sniffer and Other Stories to work and that was the first time I saw one of my blind clients smile. How cool is that! Carrie does a lot of 'Official Writing' at work. She writes fabulous short stories. Now she is working on her debut novel! Yep, I wanta be a beta reader! (Hint, hint!)

Here is a music video of Shave from television, BBC (I think). The second song is an excerpt from Witchfinder General, listen to Carrie tell the BBC the background of that song, she is a real storyteller. (Two songs on this YouTube.)

Isn't that great! Here is one with some pics from our road trip...

I wrote in the comment section about this one. Got a few facts wrong. Listen and post the corrections.

We need more YouTubes! Remember there is more music at Carrie's MySpaceMusic!

Here is one to keep ya going!

A bit of Muppets!

Here is an artist Carrie introduced to me...

Party game: Go listen to Carrie's songs on her MySpace music and post which one you like best. (Picking just one will be very hard - but remember today someone is going to win a signed copy of Carrie's audio book!) Her grandfather's drawing is the cover art for Carrie's audio book.

Follow Carrie's blog and her MySpace - if you are anywhere near where she is gigging, you must go! Introduce yourself and tell her I sent you.

Coming tomorrow: Jen Garsee!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Party with JOY COLLINS!

Blog Party: Day Three! We're just getting started!

Yesterday's winner is Kate (coffee with Kate - from the UK). She did the most log lines...and had fun doing them! (I'll email you and we'll work out the details of getting your book to you!)

Joy Collins gave me her books for the blog party last Saturday when we met for our usual lunch date. We get together fairly often, but not on a set schedule. We have this thing going on where we will email each other (though it is a local phone call) furiously for a couple of days, then not hear from each other for a couple of weeks. Then the emails start again.

Before this blog party came up, I was trying to remember how we met - it is a big city, after all. We think that somehow Cathy Marley figured in the equation - so thanks for the connect, Cathy! Joy's friendship is a treasure!

I got hooked on Joy's book, Second Chance, in an unusual way. (Her book was published before we met.) We were talking about something, I don't remember what, and she emailed me a chapter of her book to help her find something or look at something - formatting, I think. So I'm scanning away looking for whatever it was, and next thing I know I'm reading her book. As it turns out, Joy sent several chapters and by then I was hopelessly hooked. Yep, I got her book right away.

The normal way most people get hooked on a book is to check out the cover (number one tool in marketing is a great cover), read the back, read the first paragraph or page, then skip through a few pages.

So for you normal people out there, this is what the back of Second Chance says: "Mothers, fathers, children, wives, husbands -- everyone deserves a second chance, don't they?

Sara Weber has always felt she was married to two people -- her husband and his ex-wife. Suddenly her world -- and her marriage -- is turned upside down when his ex demands money for their college-age daughter. Her husband's response? He wants his daughter to move across the country to Arizona, live with him and Sara and attend the local university.

As if this wasn't enough stress, Sara's mother is becoming more senile and Sarah has to help her sister place her only living parent in a nursing home. When Sara's stepdaughter is in a car accident, the ex swoops in and attempts to re-kindle a relationship with Sara's husband. Devastated, Sara turns to the last person she ever thought could help her -- her own stepmother.

Second chance is the story of one woman's marriage and how she learns that understanding and forgiveness are the keys to a second chance at love."

I have to add a side note here: Somebody tells a huge lie that really has a HUGE impact on the lives of the people in this book.

Now, Check out this YouTube...

Joy's Party Game: scavenger hunt

Nadine and I often discuss blogging. Not only can blogging be a good networking tool, it can be downright fun - and addicting. I say that because I have three blogs! Each blog serves a different purpose, My first blog was started to track my writing career. The second blog was started to give me a place to vent my feelings about life in general and life as a Baby Boomer in particular. The third blog was started because I love talking about my fur-kids and my little boy kitten, in particular. So, today's game is:

Who is Riley's new neighbors?
Who sent Joy her favorite rejection letter?
What is does Joy do when she cooks?


The Life of Riley - Tails of the Kids!
The Aging of Aquarius - Thoughts from a Baby Boomer's Heart
Joyful Thoughts - My Writing Journey

CAROLYN "CARRIE" SHEPPARD is here tomorrow!

The comment section is below this line. Click on the word "comments." That's where you can leave a note. eMail me if you have trouble with this...NadineLaman(at)