Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Writing: Another book idea

Yes, yes, yes...I am supposed to be writing Act Like You Mean it, and I am. My newsletter (next week) will tell you how far along I am on that WIP (work in progress).

However, I was thinking... (This is about to get scary, buckle up.) There are a few blogs that have been converted into books. I'll grant that IS writing. But ever since I heard about the book of twitterings, I have had a wee bit o' difficulty embracing that as writing. That is about as much writing as collecting the clever bits of prose from the loo stalls in public facilities.

While I was texting my boys, I wondered: what if some of the better texts were collected and called a book. I keep the good ones on my phone, the ones that remind me of special moments.

Here are some of texts from my phone:

"Goin 2 uk 2moro 4 2wks. Wel hav cofe wen i get bac"

"Computer case" (Yeah, I had to call to see what that one meant.)

"Thank you so much for the Indian bracelet. Its lovely. Big hug."

"Did u see me" (on television - the Jerry Lewis Telethon.)

"If you were going to wash tennis shoes would you wash them by their self?"

"Opening Jeep." Followed by, "Starting engine."

"Hey they fired _______ last night." (Cue to call the other person.)

"So someone hit my truck and there is no damage to it but it left a big mark on her car." (About a hit-and-run driver.)

"My advice sucks...do what feels right to you." (about a book contract)

"Yes it was pretty awesome. I wasn't sure i could make myself go out but the training kicked in and out i went." (About military Jump school)

And my favorite from macho Army guy... "I love you mom."

Book material? Nah, probably not. Good memories though. Do you keep some old texts?


  1. I don't keep many texts as my phone as a very small memory (a bit like me). Here's one I haven't deleted yet though:

    "We are in the middle of the desert. It's 40 degr here! I don't think Nic likes it."


    "Can you ring horse riding today mummy x" (and yes I did!)

    And the sweetest from a friend of mine in Ireland (we were both drunk, I won't explain further)

    "I walk with u always"

  2. Carrie,

    I like that: "I walk with u always." That is special.