Friday, June 12, 2009

Wholesale Math

Someone asked me why my books aren't on Amazon, et al.

Sigh, here we go again. Books are usually priced to the sky. Kathryn's Beach was once priced at $16.99 (not including shipping). I write a decent book, but for an unknown author, that is a bit steep, if you ask me. I've priced my trilogy books at $12.95 each (plus shipping).

I wanted my books affordable for people who love to read. Hey we're in an economic recession, if not depression. We all live on a shoestring right now.

By putting the consumer first, the readers, I have shut the door to most wholesale sales. Most of the time, they want up to 55% off the SRP, the cover price. Well darling, if I do that and pay to ship my books to Amazon (or anyone else), I'm actually losing a couple of dollars on each book sold. Does that make sense? Why should someone else make money on my books when I'm going in the hole? Seriously, I might as well just write and not publish the manuscripts at that rate.

So the choice is to buy my books from me through my website (secure with PayPal) or email me and we will make other arrangements. I've even been paid in Euros!


  1. Oh Nadine, You are so on target with this smart business mind that you have. With my first book out, I have made some big mistakes. But, that is okay. We live and learn. Each time my book is bought through Authorhouse, I feel resentful for how little I make of MY book. I knew after the decison I made that I needed to do many things to promote my book for me THROUGH me in hopes to steer people away from Authorhouse and directly to me.

    I am excited to start High Tides. I received it when I'd already started another book. I am rushing though this other not-so-great book so I can jump into High Tide. I loved Kathryn's Beach so I'm excited to move on to see what happens next. I'd like to write you a review. Where do I do this?

    I've been reading, reading, and reading your newsletter and I just love it. For a woman with dyslexia, you are one great writer. Thanks for entertaining me tonight. Now, I must do some work. Connie

  2. Connie,

    Everyone's first book is a Master's Degree education. I made a lot of mistakes too, but I can't say anything bad about Infinity - the guys who did my first two books the first time.

    I'm totally Indie now. I have a team of resources who are priceless. I've learned to make cover art and tons of other things. I've skipped steps that I disagree with and do the things I think are in the best interest of my readers. All the while, keeping a level head about the business things. Hang in there, you'll get there.

    I'm glad you liked Kathryn's Beach. I'm sure you'll like High Tide because Kathryn is stronger and the secondary characters come to life. Wait until you get to Storm Surge! It is over the top. I still can't believe how SS ends and that it ends the trilogy so perfectly.

    Where can you write a review? Golly, that is a good question since my new books are not sold on any third party website.

    I guess you could write one as a guest blogger, my first!

    Carolyn Howard-Johnson wrote one and put it on

    I guess you could put it on my page.

    Plus I put comments on my review page of my website -- and love the freshness from them not knowing at the time they write then that I'm going to ask if I can quote them on my website.

    (Find Connie's book here:

  3. Connie,

    Click on the book cover here and you can write a review.


  4. Connie,

    This was published today. You might find it interesting.,9171,1904142-1,00.html