Thursday, June 18, 2009

War! War! What is it good for? (Sing along)

Another of my sons is completing his paperwork to join the military, and a third is thinking about it. What do they want? To be educated. Not to kill. Not to be killed. It is a simple quest to attend university in a bad economy, if they live long enough.

Suddenly I hate everyone who put our children into this war. As horrific as the attack on the twin towers was, their deaths will not be undone by all the deaths that have followed nor all the deaths yet to come. An undeclared war, yet a long ago declared won.

I vote that we send the politicians (on all sides), regardless of their age now, who brought us to this end. Send the men and women who met in secret to lie about what they knew and didn't know. Suit 'em up with an 80 pound field pack and send them to the heart of the fight.

On the short string of my anger comes those who have foolishly wrecked the economy - ours and our global neighbors. Greed. I hope they live long enough to see their hand in other's misery. I hope the martini lunches in the Caribbean and the excessive bonuses will be weighed against every flaw in their actions, from Reaganomics to the recent ill-planned bailout of the guilty, causing others to lose their job, home, retirement, hope.

My father, God rest his soul, was in the US Army in both WWI and WWII. He lied about his age in the first war. They had to know, but that cowboy was a great shot (either hand) and a fantastic horseman. My father-in-law, God rest his soul, was in the US Marines in WWII. One in the European Theatre the other in the Pacific. They were destined to never meet.

I'm not anti-American. I'm proud of where I was born. I'm just tired of wars that history can't explain the defining moment that required so many to die. What is it in our nature that makes killing so easy? Where have all the statesmen gone?


  1. This is a really strong subject. I'm glad to read your opinion on this, not a lot of people would dare do what you're doing. I really wish the best for your sons.

    ps: I'm awarding you with the Let's be Friends Award! Come over to my blog and get it!
    xo, Ella

  2. Ella,

    You are very precious and I'm so glad we have 'met.' If I could wish wishes that came true, I wish for you that the adults in this world will realize the value of life, learn to use words rather than weapons, and GROW UP!

    Bless. I will come to your blog and see what you have been doing. I was there yesterday. It's a mom-thing to check on those you care about.

    (C'mon everyone, let's go look together!)

    tu amiga,


  3. God bless you Nadine and keep your precious boys safe.

  4. Thank you, June,

    He takes his oath today. This is the one who wrote the music for my YouTube. Two honor societies, thespian, student teacher...easy going laugh.


  5. We have the colors posted on our house today.

  6. God bless you and your sons. I hope there is no further war that keeps us glued to the media reports wanting to hear that all is well. I hope that the gentle souls who are forced to go fighting are protected by the spirits that be so that they can live the future they were meant for. I hope that the politicians and the terrorists meet up in the hell hole they have dug us into and finish this insanity once forever.
    What makes 'me' right each time and ;he' wrong'? No matter who the me and who the he are? In the name of God? Which God is it that requires His people to fight for Him? Is He so weak that He needs them to defend Him?
    And... what other way do we have to avoid this senseless violence than to be prepared ourselves? To defend if not to launch an offensive.

  7. Nidhi,

    My dear friend, worlds and religions apart, yet of one heart.