Friday, June 26, 2009

Twitter NOVEL

The other day, I joked about turning my received texts into a book.

Someone has sent me a twitter novel link. This novel is being written on twitter and is 140 characters or less per entry.

Curious? Look here.

No, it is NOT me doing this. I promise. Yes, I do know who it is. I'm under oath not to tell.

I think it is cool in a nicely weird way. Let's help this person with this project. Please pass this link on to your email list. Oh, and I guess you people with twitter accounts can and should tweet about it.

So twitter this link, post it on Facebook, mention it on your blogs and newsletters, and all the other places you haunt. Add "Twitter Novel project:" to your signature line on your email. (Life isn't all about you, help this other writer.)

Let's see what we can do to launch this. Let's see if social networking really works. You know, I need convincing. Now is your chance to make a believer out of me - I dare ya.


  1. It seems pretty weird having to read from the bottom up. At least I ASSUME that's how this is to be read on Twitter (?!?!) I'm normally not a Twitterer (is that a word?) but I might watch to see how this "novel" progresses.

  2. I agree about reading from the bottom up. The same is true for blogs. I try to make my blog entries self-contained, but still if someone starts from the beginning they will have more info and be able to read between the lines of some of my entries.

    I'm not sold on Twitter. I have seen nothing there that 'flips my cookie.' I joined Twitter to follow the novel, but have learned since that I didn't have to do that. What gets me is that I have put nothing on my Twit page nor have I tweeted, yet people are following me??? That is so weird.

    I think the Twitter format will be the real challenge to writing this novel. I know the writer and have read some of their other works, so I know they can write a story. Just have to see if it can be done in 140 characters at a time.

    Interesting project though. I'm following, that's for sure.