Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Peer Pressure

There is a lot of subtle (and not so subtle) pressure to conform. Someone told me recently, if I'm going to write Red Planet Revolt, I should use a pseudonym when I change genres.

I can't figure the logic of that. For one thing, all my books are going to be on one website and my name is plastered all over that site from the URL to the blog address. Not only that, my writing is fairly distinct, so who is going to believe that two people write the same and happen to have their books on the same website? Tell me this, what do I do for a photo of that other me?

I'm not hiding the fact that I have my own books printed by using an ambiguous name for my company. I am standing talk, count me. I don't care if anyone else stands with me. They should go with their comfort level. I'm not trying to be a trend setter. I am a trend setter. But don't follow me, follow your own ideas and ideals.

Here's the deal, I write fiction, but in real life I'm fairly grounded in reality. I work hard to make my fiction believable, but it is still fiction. So why the need for deception on the name issue? I don't know. I've decided not to do it. It has nothing to do with branding. It has everything to do with being honest with my readers.

I'm pretty much: What you see is what you get, except few people are allowed to see how frustrating dyslexia is at times. Just like anyone else, I have my moments. But as long as there are readers for my books, I'll keep writing. Here's to us. My books belong to all of you who have contributed to their existence.

Thank you to Joyce, my web designer, who watches my spelling and makes my official presence on the internet a good one. Thank you to my beta readers. Think back to the first ms you read, we've come a long way together. Thank you to my friend in England, Carrie, who makes time to be the first to read my blog every day that she can, and helps me fix the "oops!" Thank you to those who unexpectedly send notes about how you enjoy my books. I love you all.

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