Friday, June 19, 2009

It's a JEEP thing

When you're the mom of boys, you know lots of un-girly things. My oldest son and I were having an enthusiast conversation about his JEEP CJ-5 (it's older than he is). Seems the electrical problems are nearing their end.

He had been to see his favorite mechanic to discuss an issue. I don't know what the issue was, because he was delighted that the head mechanic HAD TO look at the work said owner had done to said Jeep, and as I was told, was very impressesed with the new, hand-made wiring harness. (Proud Mamma here.)

There are, in fact, only three more tasks remaining on the electrical project. It seems that he NEEDS (translation: wants) to find an AMC oil pressure gage because the aftermarket one just isn't right...something-something-something about plastic in a place that should be metal, Dude.

I look up to his excited face and said, "Did you just call me, 'Dude'?"

Without missing a beat, he says with a big grin, "Well, it wasn't the standard issue 'DUDE' that means 'dumb sh*t'. It was the special 'Mom Dude'."

He waits, smiling sweetly.

I look up again, "You know I'm not buying it, don't you?"

He got tickled and left. I heard him chuckling all the way to the garage. I never did find out what the 'issue' was or what were the other two aftermarket things that NEED to be replaced.

God, I love my boys!

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