Monday, May 25, 2009

Write your own review campaign, part II

Necessity is the mother of invention -- Oh so true! One great idea results in the NEED for several other great ideas to make the first idea work.

I have software to make my own cover art. I'm not going to say 'design' because I am not a graphic designer. I think graphic designers are brilliantly talented and wouldn't want to mislead anyone about my skills.

As I've said, I decided to put the reader in charge of the review section on the back of the book for Storm Surge. It seems like a brilliant idea, but really it was simple. I want to know what readers think of my books. That is the only way I can deliver best to my audience. It is that simple.

I'm even giving away the Sharpie(tm) marker to write the review. No big deal to toss a pen into the mailer, right? That seems simple enough, but of course, I have the bright idea to attach the marker SOMEHOW to the book. That is where the ideas fly. Oh my...what ideas I had about how to attach the marker. Goodness.

What I am starting with at the moment is a DIY invention. I won't go into all the ideas, but in the end I have a 6" x 4" note card with a pitch/hook and instructions on one side (side A) and a reorder form on the back (side B).

I simply set up the copy in WordPerfect (my all time favorite software) and ran them through my laser printer. Then, (get this) I used rubber cement to attach the marker to side A of the card on the far right edge. I laid out the number of cards with pens that I needed to fill orders and let the rubber cement dry over night.

Then, I slid the card into the book somewhere in the middle so the pen was below the level of the front cover, tossed in my other marketing materials and it was good to go!

I won't be doing it that way once I'm getting hundreds of orders a day, but it isn't too bad to do for now, and it was fun in an 'arts and craft' sort of way.

So for those who have asked, that is how it is for now. Order my book and you can see it for yourself.

Remember to send me your reviews, I'd love to hear them.

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