Tuesday, May 12, 2009

View The Back Of The Book Feature

What is inevitable when someone picks up a book? They eventually look at the back cover. Since the ONLY place to buy my books is on my website, we added a VIEW THE BACK OF THE BOOK FEATURE.

My web designer, Joyce, used the same process to create this SUPER FANTASTIC idea as she used on my photo page.

On my website homepage is the front covers of each book in the trilogy, Kathryn's Beach, High Tide, and Storm Surge. Want to see the back cover? Click on the book. Ta-da! There it is. And it is a readable size.

Click on the link to my website on the sidebar to the left of this post. (This feature is also on the books page...go check that out!)

Just another innovative idea from Nadine Laman Books, LLC. How about that? Personally, I don't know any other writer who has the real back of the book on their website. If you do, leave a link in the comments section.


  1. There are two places most book browsers look for information:

    1. The ad blurb on the back of the book (or the flyleaf on the cover of a hardback).

    2. The excerpt page just inside the front cover (first page).

    On a website, this can be presented with the ad "blurb" as a block of text on the page and the inside excerpt either on the web page or as a link to a specialized page (or pop-up).

    At akwbooks.com, we do something like that for our eBooks and eNovels.

  2. Congratulations! I am glad to see you so happy ;)
    For a website that sells the book, you could also add the free sampler. E-version. You do have a fantastic paper version.

    All the best,

  3. Hello both of you,

    You seem to be on the same page, half a world apart -- geographically.

    eBooks are a controversial topic with me, perhaps I should blog about them some day, perhaps tonight. (Though I won't send out notices on that one, you'll just have to come back tomorrow.) The question remains: are eBooks the future, or a return to the past?

    For now people will have to get excerpts from my books from the excerpts page of my website and from this blog. My books have successfully had the interior scan removed from googlebooks. There is always the free sample people can request. That will have to do.


  4. Nidhi,

    Congratulations! I've just learned of your pending publishing contract for your debut ms.