Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trilogy Trivia

The hardest thing about writing Kathryn's Beach was keeping Kathryn reclusive. It helped that I never mentioned her last name until High Tide. It helped that her world was five miles of beach.

In High Tide the secondary characters really pop. Not only do these 'people' enhanse her life, they complicate it.

Storm Surge is more calculating and driven than the other two books. The writing is more evolved too, which probably helps.

It is funny how each of the books have a different personality. I use lots of 'almost' lines from movies as a nod to Katey's love of old movies. Plus the metaphors, the key/lock is one of the strongest, but there are others - like the weather as a mirror of Kathryn's emotions. I've thought of doing a trivia book on all the hidden elements in the stories.

Then there is that strange style I have. Someone commented on it again. People either like it because it is different or don't like it for the same reason. But like a dialect, I don't notice it any more than I think I have a spoken accent.

I will stop before I ruin it for you by dissecting it as if we were in a lit class.

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