Thursday, May 7, 2009

Writing forums, newsletters, links...

I've been asked lots writing questions in the last two weeks. There is no particular reason for that, as far as I can tell. is some information.

I know there are a lot of non-writing readers on my list. Please send this blog link to the people on your email list - you may have friends and family who are closet writers, thinking about writing, or openly writing. Let's get them connected to the good stuff in this industry and help them avoid some of the scams. No one has money to waste. Friends look out for their friends.

Forums: I only recommend two writer's forums. There are other good forums, but here are my picks: Backspace ( which has a small fee (Well worth it. Lots of serious -- and successful writers here), and My Writers Circle ( a less formal, very international free forum. (And sometimes a wild free-for-all in the coffee shop.) This is the one I helped moderate at one time.

Newsletters: I support many fellow writers' newsletters, so don't be upset if I don't list yours at this time. I'm keeping the list short for now, and going specifically for those newsletters geared toward information beginning writers will find useful. If you are looking for newsletters geared for publishing or promoting, or basic BS (but good BS), email me and I'll give you those links.

How to tell a great story: In the latest issue is a link to an interview of ME! Whaa-hoo! and info about the eight types of pronouns. (Personally, I'm a fan of the 48 prepositions, but pronouns are nice too.)

Wow! Women On Writing (Okay, this one even looks girly, but there is info guy writers can use too)

Learn the industry: This is from the UK and covers US trade too. Less biased than many US industry newsletters. I read this daily.

This one is US info; good stuff:

Blogs: Gosh, I love mine. Since it seems I'm still mentoring or coaching...(I wanta coach's whistle! - no, don't dare send me one, I'm being funny.) I add to my blog at MN Arizona time, 8 AM GMT (M-F). I've decided to post these sorts of informational blog posts periodically.

Watch this space. I'd like to get away from mailing out bulk notices. Subscribe to my newsletter and follow my blog M-F, and you will periodically find info about writing or publishing, or perhaps get some ideas from the stuff I'm doing. I've never charged a fee for consulting. This seems the best way to provide and store the information online. Email me or leave a comment on my blog, if you have something to say about this.

I do not allow people to solicit my endorsements. My endorsement is earned. Sometimes, I change my mind and withdraw my endorsement. If you have any problems with anyone I recommend, let me know. Rant all you want. I want to know.

As I said in the beginning, pass this link to your email list and ask them to pass it on. Why? Because it might help an aspiring writer out there who is secretly struggling. This is a hard row to hoe at times, especially alone at the beginning.

Don't come crying to me if someone you know gets scammed and taken to the cleaners when you could have simply forwarded this link. Lend a hand. Friends look out for each other.


  1. Wonderful blog. I love your work, Nadine - THANK YOU for being you!

  2. Hugs, Karl. You are such a dear.

    Folks, Karl's UK company foots the bill, including buying a server, so My Writer's Circle writer's forum can exist and remains free membership.

    He is a great guy.

    You're a peach, Karl!


  3. Hey, Nadine - awfully nice of you to give the Backspace discussion forums a plug! I've always felt you were one of the smartest, savviest writers I know, and this proves it! (kidding about the second part, but not about the first)

    Thank you!

  4. Hello Karen,

    You are one of two authors published by a BIG (real deal) publisher who openly admits to knowing me, an indie author. You are a brave woman.

    Let me brag a little about you. Karen's author website: Her book: Freezing Point. (I have a signed copy!) Karen's next book, if I remember correctly is Boiling Point. She is out traveling to South America doing research on VOLCANOES. See, I said she was brave...

    Here is one place to see her book video:

    Love ya, darling


  5. Can you see me blushing? You're too much, Nadine!

    Regarding traditional publishing vs publishing with indies, Nadine and I have had this conversation before, but for the benefit of your readers, I don't believe there's such a big difference between the two groups. At heart, we're all just writers, and we all want the same thing: to see our book(s) out there, being read and enjoyed by others. There's no one "right" way to publication, but there are wrong ways, and that's why I love you, Nadine - you're such a tireless worker on behalf of your fellow writers, doing your best to make sure they're not taken advantage of by scammers and get a fair deal, however they opt to get published.

    As for being brave, it's true I recently faced down an active volcano (Chaiten volcano in Northern Patagonia, Chile where my next novel is set, which volcano happens to be officially on "Red Alert" because of the potential for another eruption or collapse of the lava dome. My guide took me and my son to within a mile of the lava dome, where we heard distant poppings and rumblings which were no doubt indicative of bigger things happening within the caldera, and even felt a small earthquake - is that not incredibly cool, or what? Pictures and video on my blog: But despite that, I still freaked when it came time to hand my newly licensed driver the car keys!

  6. Thank you, Karen,

    I do think we have to look out for each other. Often we are just one mouse click away from a huge mistake on an innocent looking ad or whatever.

    Car keys? You are brave.


  7. I started a writer's resource list in the sidebar on the left. Scroll down.