Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Test readers

It is amazing to watch a reader when they get a book in their hand. They look it over, read every word on the cover, then start leafing through it. I know someone who always reads the last chapter first. Others read the first few pages, still others skim through stopping randomly to read until they decide the book worthy of their time.

Writers get the same high from writing. It is a good match -- readers and writers.

Once in a while a reader will contact the author and tell what they liked about a book, or maybe didn't like.

I love hearing from readers. The first bunch I hear from are my beta readers. They test the story and ask questions that help with the final polishing before it goes to the editor. There are several kinds of edits that occur: content editing (which my beta readers do); grammar, punctuation, and spelling; and proof reading or line editing.

It takes a long time to produce a book.

I was lucky enough to catch my friend in England, Carrie, reading the last couple of chapters of Storm Surge. We had our web cameras on and I watched her read.

Her eyes quickly moved back and forth. Once in a while she made a face or smiled, even laughed. It was amazing. I've never seen anyone read my books before. I wanted to interrupt and ask what part she was reading and what she liked about it. But I didn't.

Writers don't get the audience's applause at the end of a book, like a singer does. Watching her read was a rare treat. I hope the rest of you enjoy it as much as she did.

My beta readers are: Judith McKee, Jan Zitek, Mary Edington, Carrie Sheppard, and Ilene Wood. Personally, I think these women are the best team on the planet. Thank you, Ladies!

Oh...almost forgot. Watch for my May newsletter, there is going to be something very different about the cover of Storm Surge.

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