Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sticks and stones...childish games

There is a bumper sticker that reads: Mean People Suck. If I put bumper stickers on my Mustang, which I don't, I'd probably consider that one.

If you have seen my YouTube, you have heard my son's music. I think he was 14 years old when he wrote and recorded that song. He is what is called a "triple threat." He can act (oh wow can he act), dance (ballet, tap, jazz, swing), and play the piano. When we moved here he attended a performing arts school -- very tough on academics too. Then in public high school, he couldn't be in the dance class because it was only for girls. BTW, he likes Eastcoast Swing best.

Now this is the good part. Four years later, just a month before graduation, he was asked to help with the dance classes recital. He was the narrator for both recitals and a 'prop' for one dance. Too bad they wouldn't let him dance all these years. Their loss.

When I was in sixth grade, we moved and I went to a new school mid-term. I was very shy. I didn't do well on the spelling test, to motivate me the teacher stood me in front of the class (most of whom I didn't know their names yet) and said: "I don't know if you are lazy or just stupid." School was hard enough for me with dyslexia. I still couldn't hardly read at that point. (I learned to read at age 12 or 13.) I really hated (dreaded, felt sick, wanted to cry) going to school every day for the rest of that year.

Now this is the good part. I've written three novels. Guess I'm not lazy or stupid.

Susan Boyle has a learning problem due to oxygen depravation at birth. She has spent her life in a small village teased and bullied by kids, but I bet some adults too. She is sometimes called, "Susie Simple" by the Villagers. We saw the Britain's Got Talent judges' attitude toward Susan both before and after she sang. Judge Piers apologized to Susan when they were on the Larry King show.

Now this is the good part. Susan's singing brings 'on-your-feet-applause.' Susan is every underdog's hero -- worldwide. She is above being exploited because she has heart and courage.

My YouTube:

Susan Boyle's YouTube: (nearly 50 MILLION viewers)

Live YOUR dreams!

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