Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The proof is in the...pudding?

I'm a bit giddy. Hubby picked up the proof book of Storm Surge at the printer today. That saved me a trip to downtown since he was already in Phoenix.

My first thought on seeing the book was, wow that is big. It is only 50 pages longer than Kathryn's Beach, but wow...

The printer did a fabulous job. Now I'm dividing my time between proof reading and looking for the photo that is supposed to be on the cover (not the one I used for the proof book). In fact, I'm beginning to think that I might have to change the cover from what we have on my website, because I cannot find that photo (or negative or disc) so I can scan it into the laptop.

I don't do galley books, also known as ARC's -- advance reading copies. A galley and a proof book differ in that a galley is a preview book sent by big publishers to reviewers. It isn't totally edited yet and often doesn't have cover art, just a plan cover with the title and the author's name. That is how a book gets all those reviews before it is published.

A proof is the final version of the book, edited and with cover art. It is funny how reading a printed proof is different from reading a manuscript on screen or printed by my laser printer, though some publishers send a digital copy to their authors.

Since I'm the boss around this publishing house (room) I order a proof copy from the printer. I like to read it carefully for last minute word fixes or formatting issues. I pay close attention to my text graphics for letters and journals, since they are intended to add to the reading experience -- not detract from it. I am, the first person to curl up with Storm Surge. It is like reading it for the first time -- not like I wrote it. Maybe there is a Muse.

Pre-order Storm Surge at:

Oh! Watch for my May newsletter. There is a surprise in there about this book's reviews.

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